Written by Jason

15 Aug 2006

It was with a degree of relief that Chas and Midge heard that their long-time swinging partners were moving away. Whilst it had been fun at first, the couple were not the most adventurous, and Chas used to be driven up the wall by Moira's endless 'I don't really like that', and Ted's insistence that no evening was complete without emptying his balls, small though they were, up Midge's arse, something accomplished with a complete lack of finesse.

After they had gone, the quest for some new 'mates' had begun. Their nearest club was too far away for anything regular, and with grown-up kids having flown the nest and a comfortable house, they preferred the home sessions.

SH was the obvious answer, and after a lot of patient searching and e-mail ping-pong, an older couple stood out from the crowd.

Matt and Corrine arrived just after seven: The first few minutes were naturally a little tense as introductions were made, drinks served, and idle chat eddied back and forth.

Corrine, surprisingly, was the first to get down to business-'You look good in your profile pics, Chas...any chance of seeing the real thing?' Polite giggles met her question, but Chas, always ready for the direct approach himself, immediately unbuttoned his shirt, dropped and kicked off his trousers, and walked over to where Corrine was sitting. 'Swap you a feel of my cock for one of your lovely boobs!' 'Oh yes please...' She undid her blouse to the waist, lifted her bra above her large breasts, and placed Chas' hands on them. Then she slowly drew down his jockeys until his semi jerked free of the waistband. His bell-end was still covered by his long foreskin, and Corrine was content to gently stroke his length.

A dig in Matt's ribs prompted him to go over to Midge, not quite knowing where to start; he need'nt have worried, as she was already pulling her top over her head to reveal her ample but unsupported breasts, her prominent nipples a contrast to the Corrine's tiny buttons.

The ice broken, all four were completely naked within minutes, exploring each other's bodies with controlled passion. Corrinne was over the moon with Chas' now fully-erect cock, a proud eight-incher dwarfing Matt's shorter tool, although from Midges' point of view it's large rounded helmet and ample girth promised a good tight fuck when eventually she could get him in side her. She didn't have to wait long; excited by the sight of Chas' weapon vanishing completely inside Corrine's moist cunt, Matt soon found himself up to his balls inside Midge: He could feel her muscles gripping his cock as the juices started rising...sensing matt was close, Midge started a rapid pelvic movement, and within seconds he had injected her honey pot with his thick seed, managing to fuck on for another two minutes before eventually sliding out of her.

Chas was still thrusting away, long steady strokes that soon had Corrine heaving and groaning, until his body convulsed as the first spurts of semen burst indide her; pulling quickly away, she went down on his still-throbbing cock to suck the last offerings.

Midge noticed, as they all rested with a drink afterwards, that Chas' cock had not really gone completely soft, and it was'nt long before Corrine was massaging it back to full hardness once more. To Midge's surprise, similar treatment on Matt's willy produced the same result, and within an hour of their new friends arriving, they had all cum a second time...except for Midge....still wondering if she was brave enough to take Matt up her arse.....we shall let you know.....!