Written by Sandie

17 Jul 2006

The man who controls me told me to put my story on here,as a way of accepting my life style.

It all started on a high,my partner had bought the car of his dreams and one day let me go for a drive in it.I was so careful,but on the way home stopped at a super market and returning to the car imagine my horror when I found a huge scrape down one side.When I got home partner was heart broken.He hadn't the money to get it fixed and knew that his insurance would cost a fortune if he used that.

I couldn't bear to see him like that,so I said I would get it all fixed as good as new.

Next day I went to a car body workshop,I chose a small one because I thought they would be more understanding When I explained what had happenedI was told I could pay by credit card,but that was no use,they were on their limit and I couldn't extend my overdraft.What I wanted was to pay any bill off,so much a month,but that was not acceptable because the estimate was over two grand.

The owner of the garage said he wanted the work beause his finances were similar to mine. He then made a suggestion that started me on my new life.

He owed money to a supplier who he knew had a high sex drive and he suggested that if I went with this man I could pay off the cost of the repair.I said noway,so he just said that he couldn't help me any further.I left and drove off to a lay by and sat there wondering what I could do.I ccouldn't let my partner down,because I was thinking of leaving him and I couldn'tleave him with a smashed up car,which I suspected he loved more than me.

I found myself back at the garage agreeing to the suggestion.It turned out that there was a small flat over the garage and that would be used.It was agreed that I would only be there between 10am and 3pm It was noon so he said well I will give the guy a ring and see if he is up for it.The deal was done,he would arrive in twenty minutes.

I was taken up to the flat and left.After ten minutes I heard a car arrive and footsteps coming to the flat.The door opened and in came the owner and another."Where did you find this tart?"He asked "She's no tart,she's never done anything like this before,she's just desperate for money."said Pete "Well I you'r right" Dave growled"now get out and leave us alone"

As Pete went out Dave turned to me and said "Right get your tits out then." I thought I can't do this I have never known anyone like this,or been spoken to like this and rushed to the door.Dave grabbed me threw me on the bed and locked the door.As I bounced up to try again I was struck across the face and once more was on the bed.I knew I was beaten and allowed Dave to pull all my clothes off me.He stripped off and I could see he was very powerful."I hope you like what you see,because your going to be seeing it quite often" he said.I didn't dare to look down at his manhood,but fixed on his face which he lowered onto mine,forcing his tongue into my mouth. He put his hand between my legs."I hope you aren't a tart"he said"because I'm going to do this bare back.At first I didn't know what he meant,as I had never heard the term before.I stiffened,but he was too strong,forcing my legs apart and forcing himself into me.I was frantc,I had convinced myself that a condom would mean that I hadn't been in contact with another man,but now I was.I was also dry,but he just pushed,"Make me welcome"he growl,kissing me again,so I put my arms around him and lifted up my legs.He drove into me"Your not bad"he said"Well make the most of it"I saidand regreted it at once,because his reply was"Thanks for the invitation"His thrusting became frantic and inspite of myself I was responding.Then he thrust right in,I could feel his pushing against my womb and then I swear I felt his cum hit the entrance to my womb.

He rolled off me and I went to the small bathroom and cleaned myself up.On returning to the bedroom I was surprised to see him still on the bed I thought he would be dressed and away."I can't be bothered to go to the bathroom,you clean me up"I got up to get some tissue."No use your tongue"When I tried to pull awayI got two more slaps with the promise of more to come if I didn't do a good job.Licking slowly I did as I was told and to my horror he started to rise.Once more I was on my back with him in me,stretching me wide.Soon I was very wet,the noise of him coming in and out really turning me on.Just when I thought "I can handle this he came out of me,lifted me up and pushed a finger up my arse.Nobody,but nobody has been there,but that was to change.Struggle as I might I was rolled onto my front,with my legs over the edge of the bed and Dave between my legs, with now two fingers working away.Ilay there waiting for what was to come.The warning was when Dave clamped his hand over my mouth.Slowy,but never stopping he entered me.When he was right in me,he removed his hand from my mouth and we both lay there panting.When he had got his breath back he started on me,slowly at first but then getting more and more violent.I thought I was going to be split,but had to admit to myself,I was loving it.To let him know it was O.K. I squeezed him using the muscles in my arse and held him till he shot his cum into me.AsI relaxed I rolled around kissed him hard and then slid down and cleaned him with my tongue.

Yes dear reader I had been mastered and Knew that was my roll in life.Pete and I have a good business with me working as a submissive whore in the flat.Everybody thinks the men come to have their cars seviced,but I service them.There is now no request I refuse,perhaps I will tell more sometime.