Written by karen

23 Jul 2004

hi .im karen.im married,40 size 10 and good looking.

i work in a large office and over the last few weeks ,a guy has been paying me lots of attention.i have flirted with him ,but not too far.

that was til last mon !!!!

my husband has wanted me to dress very sexy going to work some day to turn him on,so on mon i agreed and he said he would meet me for lunch

i wore white bra,g string ,suspenders,stockings,heels,white shirt and short black skirt.i would not let him touch me as i went just to tease him.

anyway when i went into work i could see the guys looking at me,mark who was beside me had a huge hard on and this suddenly turned me on.

after a while mark leaned over and said do you want to come to lunch, i dont know why but i said yes!!!

i rang pete and told him i was busy

mark took me to a nice wine bar and after a few glasses of wine i was up for it.

he put his hand on my leg and i spread for him,he touched my pussy and i was dripping!!!!

i think i better give this married slut a seeing to he said,

yes please i said!!!

come with me he said and we walked to this rough housing estate,why r we here i asked? shut up you slut he said.

we came to the door and a guy opened it,hi mark said the guy he was about 20,very rough.

i was going to walk away but was somehow turned on.

look at what ive got to play with,a married slut who needs cocks!!

we went in and mark rammed his hand up my skirt and said do what we tell you,i was bent over and for 2 hrs fucked by both of there huge cocks,the both filled me with cum and i may be pregnant as its my time,i dont care as they have warned me unless i be there whore they will tell my husband