Written by Alan

9 Aug 2006

I went away only briefly and then took my place

back at the hut to view the proceedings through

the wooden slats,it was late afternoon and the

spot is quite secluded,Barbara was sipping from

a mug of tea and was chatting to Stan,on his bidding

she laid back down and he began to massage her

temples,neck and shoulders,Barbara had said that

she sometimes had 'aches and pains',she seemed

very relaxed as he spoke to her softly.

'I am going to lift your t shirt and i am going

to massage your large breasts Barbara,is that ok?'

'Oh...well..i..don't' 'Shhh!' he interrupted.

In no time he was again massaging and groping my

wifes huge tits and covering them with after sun

lotion to oil them up,and she loved it!

I saw him unzip his shorts and take out his thick,

veiny,gnarled old cock, 'open your eyes Barbara'

he said, Barbara gasped aloud but in no time she

was wanking his tool and then sitting up sucking

on it as he groaned out loud in pleasure,

'Now i'm going to tit fuck you Barbara' he said

and true to his word he took both of her melons

and sandwiched his cock between them and worked

it back and forth.

Barbara was reluctant to allow him to fuck her

but he was able to persuade her into again baring

her bottom for a 'little bit of bumming' as he

put it.

Barbara is inexperienced in this activity and did

not consider it 'sex' i suppose (that's how naive

she is)

My poor wife soon learned,i could clearly see the

big full moon of her buttocks high in the air as

she knealt on the bed,Stan had taken off her bikini

bottoms and was applying lubricant to her pink rosebud


'Oh Stan it hurts it's too big'groaned Barbara as

Stan fucked her virginal bumhole,in no time Stan

was shooting wad after wad of spunk in Barbaras

rectum,i know because i saw it dripping from her

gaping anus as Stan spread her cheeks afterwards.

The thing is,i know that Barbaras been back to

the hut a few times now,while i've been at work!