Written by Danny

24 Nov 2005

I met this couple in a sex cinema, this is the surprising story that they told me of their life.

Grace is now seventy seven a widow of some twenty years, Vic is thirty eight and single, they met two years ago when Grace was living in Warden controlled accomodation and Vic did maintenance work for her,

He started to pop round every day for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, he did this because he really fancied her.

One day Grace noticed that he had an erection and asked what had caused it, when he told her that it was her she was surprised and kissed him, he returned the kiss and left but could think of nothing else all day so that evening he returned to see her.

They sat together and discussed what had happened that day and started kissing, he opened her blouse, pulling her tits out massaged them till she was breathing heavily, this she admitted to enjoying more than anything that she had done for over twenty years.

That night he stayed with her, fucking her both that night and again in the morning.Her only complaint that she had was that her fanny was sometimes did not lubricate naturaly and she had to use KY jelly to help as he pushed his big cock into her This happened regularly and they actually fell for each other, she was having more sex than she'd had for probably thirty years and she loved it.

Her told her friend about her relationship and she was jealous of her, wishing that she had been lucky enough to pull a young man

One day her friend Joan visited her she suggested that she stop the night and Vic would probably be only too happy to fuck her

That evening they told Vic what they would like to happen

Both women went into the bedroom, Grace came out naked, Joan wearing bra and pants, she had a cuddly figure with quite large breasts.

Vic lay Grace on the floor opening her legs he pushed his cock into her, fucking her hard as Joan watched them, she then lay at the side of them, he removed her bra massaging her lovely tits, rolling off Grace he pulled Joan's pants off revealing a mass of black curly hair and a very wet pussy, slipping his cock into her he fucked her till he came inside her, she loved it.

That night they all slept together, both being fucked again

Over the months Vic introduced them both to vibrators and other sex toys, they also went dogging till a celebrity was caught at a place that they used and as the police then started taking an interest they stopped going there.

They have now got married, they tell me that on their first night not only did they go to a sex cinema they also went dogging, where some doggers helped them to consumate their marriage, she ended up covered in cum and drove home naked

Since then I have been lucky enough to fuck both Grace and Joan which I may well post in the future.