Written by Dan

12 Aug 2006

I’ve been stuck in this damned marina for three weeks now. The so-called ‘Costa del Sol’. All I have seen is storms coming from the wrong direction – my old tub just won’t sail to windward and so I’ve been stuck here waiting for a change. My crew all had to go back to the UK and so I’m now awaiting fresh ones to join me. So what does one do? Well there’s always the world cup to watch but after seeing England’s pathetic attempts against Paraguay one is reduced to watching Tunisia v Saudi Arabia – Wow!

Of course, there are always the women to look at. Curiously there are very few stunning ones. OK some of the birds on the large power ‘gin-palaces’ are pretty good but they’re way out of this dirty old man’s league. However, at yesterday’s England v Trinidad & Tobago (who?) everyone was a bit happier with the win and we sat in the bar drinking and there was good craec. I found myself chatting to a Dutch girl and her English friend. The Dutch girl was well rounded and I was particularly taken with her tits that were deliciously showing out of her top. The English woman was a bit older; probably around 40 – the Dutch girl was, I reckon, around 30. The English woman was wearing a very mini skirt with quite large but very shapely legs disappearing just before her crutch. It was very clear that she was happy for a DOM (Dirty Old Man) like me to ogle as much as I wanted and she encouraged me by crossing and re-crossing her legs. She was expert at it. Just a tantalising flash of her panties – white. After the game finished we adjourned to a table where we sat with a crowd of people drinking and generally being merry. I was very happy that the women chose to sit either side of me. Of course, much of their talking was to each other, which meant that they had to lean across me. I wasn’t complaining. As they leaned across I got more than an eyeful of their tits. As we changed from beer to brandies they became more and more relaxed. There was still a large crowd at the table but I was pleased with the way that they were now quite prepared for me to press my thighs against each of them in turn. Eventually, I was bold enough to put my hand on the English woman’s leg. Seemingly, she took no notice and made no attempt to get me to take it away.

Taking this as encouragement, I slowly moved my hand to the bottom of her mini skirt. Still no reaction. She happily went on chatting to her Dutch friend. My hand continued its upward journey until it got to her crutch. I felt her legs open slightly and allow my hand better access. The first one to make any remark was the Dutch girl. “Is it only her that you are going to touch?” The Dutch speak such good but slightly strange English.

“The problem is that with those trousers on” – she wore thin, full length, light trousers – “There’s nothing much for me to touch.”

She leant across me so that her tits touched the table and I had a quick grope but hells teeth this was in an open bar in the early evening and it wasn’t going to be too long before we would be asked to leave.

“Would you like to come back to my boat?”

The English woman smiled and closed her legs so that my hand was trapped on her cunt. “I’d love to but I don’t think my husband would like it.” She indicated a guy still sitting at the bar and gave him a wave. My hand came down from her cunt as if it had bitten me! “However Monika’s old man is not here so why not get her on board.”

The way she said ‘on board’ obviously meant something to Monika and she simply said. “OK, let’s go and see.”

We walked back to my boat and I helped her on board. She had a lovely rounded bottom and I took the opportunity to use it as a handhold to help her. We went into the cabin and she declined an offer of another drink. She sat down on the edge of the bunk and looked at me. “What would you like to touch?”

I put a hand on her very shapely bosom and said “This?”

She undid her blouse and took it off. Her tits were straining to be let out of her bra and I did the honours of unclipping it and pulling it off her. They were truly magnificent. I guess they were about 38D but what I particularly noticed as I leant forward to give a nipple a kiss was that they were deliciously tanned all over. Anyone who knows me will know that I love kissing and caressing good tits and these were as good a pair as I’d seen for a long time. I’m afraid I made a pig of myself. I sucked and took in as much as I could of each one rolling her nipples in my mouth. Happily she seemed to enjoy what I was doing as her hands were caressing the back of my head.

“That’s nice. Can you do the same thing a bit lower?”

She didn’t need to ask twice. I had her trousers undone and down in a flash. She had a bright blue pair of panties that she helped me take off. I noticed that her tan continued all over as she lay back on the bunk with her legs dangling over the side. Her legs were open and I needed no further invitation as I thrust my face into her crutch. Her shaved cunt was already open and I very happily stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. Her clit was poking out and I sucked it into my mouth. She orgasmed very quickly and a stream of juices flowed out of her. Like everything else about Monika, they were big and delicious.

She lay there for a few minutes keeping my head pressed to her crutch. At last she released her hold and I stood up. As you will guess I had a very hard erection. Monika undid my trousers and eased them and my underpants down releasing my cock. Without hesitation she took it into her mouth and began to blow me. It was rapidly apparent that this wasn’t the first cock she’d had there. She sucked away expertly and I’m afraid I came very quickly. She swallowed everything – well I don’t shoot very much these days.

To my surprise and disappointment, she stood up and began to put her clothes back on. Seeing my expression, she said. “I’ve an agreement with my husband that I can do anything I want so long as I don’t have any other man in my vagina unless he is there as well.”

I couldn’t think of a quick reply but as I walked her back, she said, “I hope I’ll see you at the next England match. My husband will be here then.”

Who says there isn’t a Santa Claus?

Well that will teach me not to believe my mother. There isn’t a Santa Claus. My new crew arrived and were not interested in the world cup - nor Monika. We’ve been sailing until just now and I just found these notes from way back then.