Written by kate

10 Mar 2004

my name is kate and my flat mates name is salma . she came to london to do her masters and she said she has to marry a rich arab when she go back who already had two wives.one day my boy friend came to my flat and saw her and he was shocked at her beautyful arabic body and asked if he can fuck her.i than went to her room and asked her if she wants to sleep with my boy friend ,she got excited but she said she has to be virgin before marriage.but my boyfriend when ever he comes drunk and fucks me he used to ask about her and she refused everytime.

one day we both were in study room watching t v and i asked her what do u think about my boy friend then she said well i havent seen him as much as u seen him ,this exited me and asked her if she wanted to see him naked while we having sex ,she felt shy but finally agreed,i was also excited and called my boyfriends mobile i confirmed he is in a club drinking with his friends ,so i asked him to come home and akter two hours he came and he sat with us, than i made him to drink more beer which i stock up for him.i made sure that he is really really drunk than i took him to my bed room and asked salma to follow me she is little bit feared and i asked her to sit closely to the bed and she did so ,i removed his shirt and asked salma to touch she hesitated than i took her hand and put it on his hairy chest than she slowly started moving it around now i went down and removed his trousers now he is only having underwear on him, i took her hand again and put it on his under wear ,now my boyfriend started moaning slowly and calling my name kate ..kate himmm haaa ,this gave her more courage now i looked at her face and she was soo romantic

i asked her to go ahead she than put her hand inside and closed her eyes to feel the sence.my boy friend moaned again and said fuck me cate fuck me hard....i got up and went and stood back of her to give her more courage i touched her shoulders and her temperature raised high ,so i decided to remove her top and she said nothing now i removed her bra ,she is having huge and round boobs which made me feel hot than i slowly pushed her to front she did not move after few tomes now ish moved close to his body ,i whispered in her ear to sleep on him and she did so she slept on him and feeling him alo over and she started moaning than i removed her lower and tried to remove her panty but she refused and she rubbed his pennis from top and she cum she felt soo happy for that night immediatly she got up and gone into her room ,than i had a great sex that night with my boy friend.

since than we talked about that night and used to laugh and she covered herself saying she is still a virgin.

and after 2 months our exams are over and she has to leave london and i felt soo sad to leave her .

after six months i got a letter from salma that she is married and she is happy with him and she said she lost her virginity to him and she said he is a gentle man and broad minded ,he have a very big body and a hard 8 inch cock.

now this turned on and i repplied her what can she do to a best friend like be than she replied anything incliding life ,than i replied me and my boy friend are comming on a holiday to abudabi and want to stay in their house ,this made her exited and said her husband welcomes us .

read more in part 2.............