Written by me

7 Nov 2005

Thank you to those who have encouraged me to write this story. For those who asked we were both 50 at the time and behaving like teenagers. She was slim, size 8 and very fit, and I miss her greatly.

I left the story in the hotel as you remember. Having shared my cum between the two of us, I asked to be unbound cos I was so uncomfortable by now!

We fell into each others arms on the bed, I could not believe what had happened and asked her why now and she explained it was likely to be the only opportunity we had. She also explained she had received an awful amount of inspiration form the SH website. Finally she asked if I was pleased with the transformation.

I said it was wonderful, to which she replied it had only been the beginning! We relaxed for about 30 mins drinking some wine and she went to the bathroom, she was ages, she came back and she was dressed again. This time in an even shorter leather mini skirt, the same stockings a tight blouse and those wonderful heels again.

But this time she had also made herself up, which for her was an absolute rarity. She looked stunning! But the focus of my attention was the amazing red lipstick she wore. I must have sat there open mouthed, she looked shocked but I stammered you look beautiful.

Make your self useful and sort this out. It was an Ann Summers bag with a Typhoon (I think it was called). I unpacked it, my god it was bloody bright pinkish and it looked huge. I put in the batteries and then turned to her and asked “Are you sure?”. It was the first time that I had been this close to one and it made my 6 inches look puny, and mine didn’t make humming noises or wiggled at 50 times a second, what chance did I have!!

It was the first time that she had seen it properly; she had hurried into AS the day before and almost run out with it. The look on her face was almost comical. Never the less she was utterly fixated by it. I was made to sit in the chair and out came the bondage tape again. It was then that she touched the vibrator for the first time. She stood about 6 feet away from me. She lifted the skirt and she was shaved! I almost swore, she came over and put bondage tape around my mouth!

She stepped away and turned on the vibrator for the first time, I have no idea how may speeds it had but it had an amazing effect on her. 6 feet in front of my face she gently placed the vibrator towards the freshly shaved lips of herself, she was lost, completely and utter gone. She had the most shuddering climax I could imagine, her legs just gave way. She collapsed on the bed but still held on to it by now no more than a couple of inches inside of her, she came again and again. She was out of it as far as this planet was concerned. And I was taped to an armchair with the biggest erection of my life! And she had a vibrator, just my luck!

To be continued!