Written by cuckoo,cuckoo

15 Jun 2004

This happened a cpl of years ago, I had been on the town all night and was on the train waiting at the door to get off at my station and as we slowed down I saw a light in a house and saw a black woman walking about naked. I was the only person to get off at the small country station and I walked back along the line and looked over at the house. She was doing some excercises and was stark naked.I felt the old BOY start to stiffen and decided to see if I could get a better look? I scrambled down the embankment and climbed the garden fence,I had a look at a light in a downstairs room and through a gap in the curtains I saw a man,s head sticking above the sofa,when I looked around I could see he was watching a porn video on telly and wondered what was going on? After an eternity, the woman came into the room, stark naked and stood in front of the telly.She was rubbing herself and obviously teasing the guy, he got up and stood in front of her,I could see his erection pointing skyward,he wiggled his hips making it move and looked as if he was asking if it was what she wanted. She came towards him and put a hand around his shaft and pulled his foreskin bak then leant forward and took it into her mouth.he lifted himself up to his tiptoes and thrust it up while she strruggled to keep it in her mouth. after a while he pulled away and leant her over the end of the sofa, got down behind her and parted her cheeks with his hands and started licking her from behind with his tongue.I was in a state myself by this time,Spunk was just flowing from my cock all the time,my heart was all i could hear,thumping in my head and nearly choking me when i saw him lift her up and she slid down his body and lowered her pussy onto his impaler!! I was glad when a few minutes later they went upstairs and turned the lights off.I put my reddened cock away and walked home with aching calf muscles,But I still managed another wank in bed, A few days later i stood behind her in the post office and admired her body through her summer dress, and went home sharpish again!! I stood outside that house a few times after that but never got another show, WOW!