Written by lady P

2 Aug 2006


I have marvelled at the stories on this site, some beleivable, some ridiculous and some so badly written that they are a just funny. I have long wanted to have a go at one myself and tonight have plucked up courage.

I am a 43 year old married lady, two kids and a new husband I adore.

Ever since I have been with my husband he has made it clear that at some point he wanted me to indulge in extra passion as well as ours. Initially I ignored him and thought it was somthing he said to spice up our love life.

However after years of the same request, I turned to him and asked how he would feel if I went out and got a stranger to lay me? He smiled and took my hand, placed it on his cock which was rock hard.

I thought if I played him at his own game he would quickly realise that he was jealous and then would re think his fantasy.

I told him that I was not really up for casual sex, and would rather find a regular lover, again thinking he would be put off.

He smiled and asked if I had anyone in mind.

I again used female cunning and suggested I try to hook up with Andy, an ex lover prior to us, who was a self employed carpenter that lived nearby in Kingsbridge.

Again he smiled and said fine, next thing was he had my mobile and was telling me to text him!!

Andy had been a great lover and I had enjoyed his cock for a few months on a regular basis several years earlier when I lived in Ivybridge.

Strangely I had spoken to Andy a few weeks prior,as part of my work, which involves the issue of a certain type of permit.

So with trepidation I sent the text which said "Hi Andy, "at your service!!!!!! maybe we can meet up????

love P x.

Initially he ignored me, then after a few weeks he rang out of the blue. My heart was in my mouth, because it was then that I realised that I was beginning to like the idea of what my new husband had suggested.

I gave him a few hints, which went along the line of when im your way, perhaps we could meet up, but all I got was how happy he was with his wife and kids. Nothing wrong with that at all, but for gods sake, I was blonde, beautiful, with a great bod and it was on offer. In fact I felt a bit stupid, and dissapointed.

In fact this bit is absolutely true, and the next bit is the type of thing that Andy could have done to me if he had wanted, he will never know how close he came to riding me again.

I think we would have met somewhere outside Kingsbridge, where we would have met and chatted, I would without doubt have let him know that he was able to be inside me once more and that my husband was happy for him to do it.

I think we would have found somewhere to go that very day, where he would be able to once again kiss me, and taste my tongue in his.

I know that he would have been encouraged to unbutton my white blouse and slip my black trousers down.

I know he would have found that I was wearing nice underwear, that would have allowed him to see my very hard and excited nipples and pouting pussy.

I also know taht he would have been encouaged to slide my panties down around my ankles and allow me step out of them.

He would have definitely seen my freshly shaven fanny, that had been so expertly shaven by my husband, ready for his pleasure.

I know he would have then taken off my bra,and I would have allowed him to spread my legs.

I absolutely know Andy could have licked sucked and kissed me wherever he wanted.

He could have thrust his big hands inside me finger by finger and I would have writhed and moaned as he fingered me harder and harder deeper and deeper.

I guarantee I would have sucked his beautiful cock that once had fucked me so soundly all those years ago.

And there is no doubt that Andy the chippy could have made me kneel before him, and slipped that ample cock into me over and over again.

I would have loved to taste his cum, and felt it fill me.

I would have loved to meet him for illicit sex whenever he pleased. I would have wanked for him, used my toys for him to watch, I would have dressed up for him, and satisfied him.

But Andy blew it...........and if he ever reads this he will know he blew it........sorry Andy, however now I know that I do want extra lovers in my life and that my husband is right......I am a very lucky girl, just need to get back my confidence and meet the right man or girl with which to satisfy our needs.

They call it polyamory.....it means love with more than one, but it dosent mean screwing everyone you meet.

Its a big world, and I intend to take every chance I get.

Who knows if Andy reads this......I might even give him a second chance!!!! xxxxxxP