Written by Adrian

4 Nov 2006

This happened a few year back when my wife was pregnant with out first. Our fantasy had always been her with 2 guys so we decided to make it happen before the baby came.

She was 20 weeks gone when it happened so was showing a lot. I used to travel a lot with my job and occasionally Anne came with me, this night we were in a travellodge type place near Redditch, there was a small bar there and the the only other people in the place were two guys in their 40's (we were mid 20's at the time).

We started chatting with them, they were both married and we talked about general things for a couple of hours as the beer flowed...Anne had juice, being pregnant and all. Suddenley Anne leaned to my ear and just whispered "I am really horny, can I fuck these guys whilst you watch?" Dumbstruck I just nodded, with the Anne leaned over to the guys and said "I am going to bed, if you fancy a no strings fuck then come on"

Both of them looked at me and I nodded, to which they both shot out of there seats, a couple of minutes later we were in our room, Anne went in first, the two guys, Dave and Steve, then me, as Anne entered her shirt came off, followed by her bra, then her jeans and knckers followed and she layed on the bed. Dave dropped his trousers and knelt beside her head and she turned and took his cock straight in her mouth, my own cock was raging, my heart pounding, the Steve knelt by the bed and started licking her pussy, Anne grabbed the back of his head with one hand and wanked Dave with the other as she sucked him. Steve then stood up and removed his trousers and pants climbing on to the bed and pushed his cock into her and started fucking my wife whilst sucking her tits, after a few mintues of this Anne raised Steve's head and asked to suck his cock, he pulled out of her sopping shiney cunt and knelt opposite Dave, I then watched my wife sucking two cocks at once, her moans and giggles of pleasure were fab to hear.

Dave then decided he wanted a fuck so took Steves' place I then layed beside Anne as she was being fucked whilst suck Steve's cock, it was then I got a first close up look at it, a good inch and a half longer than my 6 inches and ticker, no wonder she was enjoying it! Anne then turned to me and french kissed me, she tasted great, never had I been so close to the taste of cock before it was wonderful! Dave then quickened his pace and shot his load deep into Anne, he stayed in there for a minute then pulled out pulled up his trousers and left without a word!

Anne then stoped sucking Steve again and said to me "please lick me" - I was down there like a shot, got my tongue right in there for my first ever taste of cum! After a few minutes of it I moved up her body and let my cock slid straight into her, she was still sucking Steve, but she pulled his cock out of her mouth offered it to me, Steve pulled my head on to it and as it entered my mouth I came straight away...Steve then pulled out of my mouth, wanked furiousley and shot a huge load into my face and mouth, I loved it, Anne was laughing at my spunk covered face, and told me to scoop it off and eat it, which I did. Steve wasn't in any mood to let the night finish there.

I was relgated to the pull down bed, whilst he spent the night with Anne, they fucked twice more before I fell asleep wrecked with jealousy and guilt. I awoke in the morning to find Anne on the bed on all fours with Steve fucking her again from behind, when he came in her again she went off for a shower and Steve sat on the bed, he told me to join him and asked me to suck him clean, which I did, before long he was fully hard again and I was wanking him into my mouth just as Anne came out of the bathroom he mad sure she got to see her wimp husband taking a load of cum from his big cock.

We've not seen Steve since that night but its not the last time I've seen Anne fucked and not the last time I've sucked other guys off...