Written by ArturoUi

9 Feb 2004

Our two week Holiday to Ireland was drawing to a close. The weather had been appalling and my wife, 6 months pregnant, was getting bored of it all.

I am fortunate that throughout my wifes pregnancies that while her sex drive has remained hot, she was willing to try more and more daring things.

On another rainy day my wife was upstairs in our bedroom having a nap when I popped in to check she was ok. As I opened the door to the room I saw her eyes open and she smiled at me. "Come in a sec" she said "and close the door."

I did as I was asked. "What's up ?"

"Nothing, I am just horny and need a good fucking from my master..." she replied. Pulling down the sheets to reveal two fingers deep inside a very wet pussy.

I could not believe my luck and decided to push it a bit further...

"Ok, but first I am going to watch you."

She fingered herself gently for a good 10 minutes letting me lick the juices off her fingers. By now my cock was ready to get into action and she wasted no time in freeing him. Pre cum was already juicing the head.

"Mmmm" she stated as she ran her fingers around the rim and licked the cum off her fingers.

"Like that do you ?" I asked

"Yes Sir." she replied

"Good, because I am going to cum into your hand and watch you eat it all. Do you understand ?"

"Yes sir, thankyou sir". She replied.

Slowly she sucked me until I came, a thick wad of sperm all in her hands.

"Now prove you want me. Eat it all up."

Amazingly she did as she was told. All the cum on her fingers and hand was licked up and any residue wiped on her face and tits.

"Thankyou sir." She said, sitting down between my legs, legs wide apart ready for some more

gently I fingered and rubbed her pussy for a good 10 minutes until she had a shuddering orgasm.

It certainly made a change from the weather.