Written by Tom and Janis

10 Nov 2005

After reading some stories and ads on this site, I began to wonder if they were true or not so if I see this in print, I will be convinced because it is absolutely genuine. It happened about a year ago when my wife and I used to frequent a local pub. We got to know quite a few people there, especially a guy named Craig. He was about 6ft tall and not bad looking and began to spend more and more time chatting to us and having a laugh. Then on one occasion he made a comment to Janis, my wife, about my arse and how firm it looked. She told me this a few minutes later while Craig was at tthe loo and it seemed to turn her on. Nothing else was said until we got home and she was as horny as hell. While I was fucking her she suddenly said how much Craig had turned her on then she came like mad, making me shoot my load instantly.

We began talking about it and decided to give it a go.

The next time we went to the pub Craig came chatting as usual but this time my wife sat a little closer to him.

As the night went on I got up to sing on the karaoke and when I got back she was sat next to him and told me to sit in front of them. She then told me that Craig liked the look of my arse, to which we all laughed. For the rest of the evening I was made to go to the bar and get the drinks,I was turned on by this and each time I returned my wife said,'do you know what i'm doing under the table?'.

We then decided to leave the pub and Craig invited us back to his house, about two minutes walk away. We were soon there and sat having a drink when my wife said,'I need the loo Craig, show me where it is'. They disappeared upstairs and I followed quietly, I could hear them kissing then I heard my wife say, 'let me suck your cock', to which Craig replied, 'not here, down stairs so the wimp can watch'.

Moments later they were downstairs, Janis was as horny as hell I could tell. 'Tom,just play along like we planned'.

I said I would then she pulled Craig's pant and boxers off and began to suck his impressive cock. It was about 8in and very thick,I must admit it was a bit bigger than mine. She took it out of her mouth and said, 'how would you like a cock like this Tom' he's a real man not a fucking little wimp like you'. I was told to strip as they had and Craig ordered me over to them and told me to bend over and gave my arse three hard slaps at which Janis laughed and said,'wank Craig's cock limp dick, then you can watch me take a real man's spunk, hit him again Craig, which he did and I had to thank him. I was then made to watch while my wife licked his arse, sucked his cock and rode him. She got on all fours so he could pump her from behind. this went on for about twenty minutes until Craig roared that he was about to cum. 'I want you to shoot your load in Tom's face'Janis shouted. Craig pulled his cock out of her cunt and grabbed my hair, pulling my head down onto Janis' arse then roared again as he shot at least 8 spurts of spunk into my face while janis could only say, 'thats fucking fantastic'. When they had recovered Janis wanked me till I shot the biggest load of spunk I can remember

Craig has now moved to Wales, but Janis and I still have some great fucking remebering that night