Written by NaughtyUncle

19 Feb 2006

Before we were married, while my wife-to-be still lived at home with her parents, something happened that changed both of our lives for the better. A mutual friend, Mick, was an electrician and we often went out to the pub with him and his wife Patsy, or round to their place for drinks and a laugh. There was usually a bit of flirting but nothing serious, just pinching the girls bums and copping a feel occasionally. When Lor (my wife) told me that her parents needed to have their house rewired Mick was the obvious choice, so it was arranged that he would do the work with Lor and I helping out with the donkey work.

One day I got away from work early and as we had arranged to meet Mick at Lor's parents later, I decided to go straight over. When I arrived I saw Mick's van was already outside and thought he'd decided to make an early start, so walked up the path to the back door thinking if we got stuck in then we could get to the pub for a few beers. As I was about to open the door into the kitchen I heard a very familiar sound; that of Lor working up to a really good cum! The window to the living room was at right angles to the back door and though the curtains were drawn there was a gap, so I looked through an what I saw gave me the fastest ever erection.

There was a big armchair that faced the window and Mick was sitting in it with Lor astride him, bouncing up and down on his cock as if her life depended on it. Her skirt was around her waist and Mick was gripping her bum urging her on as she rode him. She was obviously very close to cumming and as I watched she jammed herself down so he was as deep as possible and rubbed herself hard against him, squealing as her orgasm hit. After a minute or two she lifted herself off and knelt between Mick's legs; I thought Mick might see me but he was much too busy to look up as Lor grabbed his cock and started to lick and suck the head while wanking him. Having often been on the receiving end of Lor's blow jobs many times, I knew Mick wouldn't last long and I was right. After a couple of minutes of expert oral stimulation his back arced in the chair as he came in Lor's mouth and I watched as she licked him clean, before looking at her watch and saying something I couldn't hear but was sure was telling Mick I was due to arrive soon.

I walked back to my car to let them get straightened out, have a cigarette and let my rock-hard erection go down, then returned and walked in making plenty of noise. Mick was still in the armchair but Lor was now sitting on the couch, both looking rather hot but perfectly decent. I didn't let on that I knew anything about what they'd been up to of course, and listened to Mick's story about a stuck cable that had been really difficult to pull as if I believed it. We did a couple of hours work then went to the pub, and I enjoyed watching for the little signs from them both that they thought I couldn't interpret. When I took Lor home we stopped in a quiet street and I got her to give me a blow job, thinking all the time of what I'd seen earlier while she gave my cock the same treatment I'd seen her giving Mick's, and she commented on how strong a cum I had but I just told her it was completely down to her sexiness, which was no lie;-)