Written by lovesoldermen

4 Sep 2006

been a bit quiet on the old man front lately, busy with work, family etc.....but the other night i got chatting to a guy...much older than me...about 65...he was very sweet and very gentlemanly, had no idea what a slut I was...we didnt meet on a sex site just a normal chat site..so he thought i was just being friendly.

After a while he asked if I had a cam so I turned it on...I was in bed at the time on the lap top so i knew he could see my tits but didnt mention anything...and neither did he...just carried on chatting.

After a while he started to say how pretty I looked and how relaxed....I fondled my tits and saw him smile...out chat got more intimate and he said he hadn't had sex in a very long time but was getting hard looking at me....I told him how wet i was and he grinned and said he wished he could see....so lowering the covers i moved the cam to between my legs giving him a good view of my silky wet snatch.

I slid my fingers over my clit and saw him gasp....knowing he only lived a few miles away I got really wet thinking of him walking in and catching me wanking...so I suggested he pop over.

It only took hima few mins to agree....and half an hour later I heard him pull up outside.

I opened the door earlier so he could walk straight in...as i heard him walk up the stairs I positioned myself so that my pussy was wide open and on full view as he got to the top of the stairs.

He was so nervous...i could see him shaking so i told him to just watch for a while as I teased and fingered my juicy cunt. His eyse bore into my pussy ...and after a while he moved close and dipped his tounge into my wet folds....lapping me gently as he fingered me gently.

I slipped my hand in his trousers and massaged his cock...it was still soft and he looked embarassed ....but I told him not to worry and showed him where to find my dildos...he selected one and getting me on my knees he started to fuck me ...gently at first but then harder as I bucked againt him....taking another toy he nudged it against my arsehole and before long i was impaled with two dildos thrusting up my arse and cunt ....he changed tempo, teased and made it last as long as possible before I screamed out ...my juices gushing down my legs as i cum.

He couldn't beleive how much juice there was and begged me to sit on his face so he could feel it running over him....I lowered myself over him with my back towards him and as I bent over to suck his flacid cock he slipped his fingers up my arse as he licked my sopping cunt making me cum again...this time I gushed over his face and he lapped harder and harder swallowing every drop.

I did all i could to get him hard but nothing worked ...he seemed happy enough though and spent the whole night fucking me with dildos and licking me out making me cum a dozen times...the bed was soaked by morning but he loved every drop.