Written by Wife who loves to be used!

22 May 2006

This is continued from story posted on 28th April. Hi my name is Vicky and I am 33yrs old. Imagine my surprise when trawlling through the stories on SH on Sunday night(site recommended by girl friend), I read the story above!! What surprised me was that I was the wife in question!! I had spent a couple of hours on the site looking at the stories and getting very very aroused, and had ended up masturbating on 3 occassions. When I came across the story I couldn't believe it. I still have a good relationship with my ex who I bump into from time to time and never knew he had posted this story! When I read it, it brought a lot of fantastic memories flooding back, and I am getting very wet just thinking about those days now. I was going through a phase at the time and was very wild. I want everyone to know I have not really changed from that woman, I still only wear g strings, the ones that have a very small triangle at the back and string sides. I still wear see through dresses and t shirts, and wear only low rise trousers and skirts. My ex was right, I only do it because I just love being looked at. I get a real kick out of men staring at me and knowing they want to touch me. I am single at the moment, but love the lifestyle as I can do what I want when I want, and this involves going to dogging sites every week, swinging parties regularly and my local nightclub every week. Anyway, reading the story made me think about a lot of things that happened and I thought I would tell you about a particular favourite incident we had when we were together. It was during the time I was seeing Frank from the residential home, we were at it all the time!! I would try and work nights whenever I could & we would fuck everywhere, in the kitchen, in the office, on the stairs, in the toilets. My hubby would love to hear about my stories and wanted me to experiment a little more. One day I told him that I wanted to live out my fantasy of being used by a number of much older men, and what should we do?? He thought about it and just said leave it to him. One evening before I went to work, he said that all is arranged for this Friday night, and that I am going to get an evening to remember!! I didn't know what was going to happen and this added to the excitement. When Friday came he said that he wanted me to dress to thrill and that we were going out at 7pm. Whilst I was getting ready I was having a few drinks, so as to get in the mood. I thought long and hard about what to wear and kept it a total secret from him. I went and bought some sexy new underwear for the night, I bought a white basque which had a half cup bra in it, so that my breasts(34D) were just heaving out of it and you could see half of my large nipples as there wasn't enough material to cover them. The basque had suspenders straps attached and I bought some new black stockings with lacey tops, and a new white lacey g string with a tiny diamente triangle. I decided that I would wear a dress over the top as they are easier to get off!! I chose a pale cream linen dress that had buttons up the front, and my cream high heel shoes. When I had finished getting ready I looked at myself in the mirror, and there I was looking quite tall in my heels, slim with a figure hugging dress that left nothing to the imagination. You could see the crotch outline of my gstring from the front, the suspender straps, and the outline of my breasts. When I looked from behind you could see the outline of my string, and the suspender straps on the back. The tops of my stockings also worked out just as I wanted, as they were very obvious. I called to my husband who had been downstairs and said I was ready, so he rushed up the stairs. He walked in and went "wow", and came towards me and started grabbing my arse, I pushed him away and said "later my darling!!" He said that he had a taxi booked for 8pm so we had another drink whilst we waited. When the taxi arrived, I put on my overcoat and off we went. On the way my husband told me where we were going. We were going to a pub near the docks in the city where we lived.Apparently it was full of older navy blokes and had a bit of a reputation! I couldn't wait to get there. WHen we arrived I was shaking with anticipation, and on the door was a bouncer who said that did we know that there was a stripper on tonight?? My husband said yes and that is not a problem. We walked in and the pub was full of people, all men- my idea of heaven!! Everyone looked around as we entered and stared. We went up to the bar and ordered our drinks. There were a few comments from the men that the "entertainment" had arrived. We took some bar stools at the bar and my husband said take your coat off. I stood up to take it off, and then slowly sat down on the stool. I could tell that everyone was staring at me as I was dressed like a real tart!! A couple of older men came over and started talking and said "what time was I on". I then explained that I don't know who they think I am but I am out for a drink with my husband. They apologised and walked away. My husband kept telling me that he could see a lot of old men looking at me and talking about me?? This made me feel very horny. My huband said that he was going to the loo and disapppeared. When he got back he said that from behind because of how I was sitting he could see the outline of my g string and my suspender belt straps! I just replied "good"!! We had a few more drinks, and then the lights went down and they announced the stripper. She came on, not much to look at, and started her set. I was getting aroused looking at another womans flesh, but was also annoyed that I was not centre of attention anymore. After 30 minutes and a couple of strippers, the show finished for a break.I said to my

husband I wanted to play pool, so we got up and walked over to the table. I thought that this was my chance to get some fucking attention so made the most of it! I secretly undid the bottom 3 buttons on my dress, so that when I was bent over playibg a shot that the dress would part and show my stocking clad legs. Obviously when I was bent down I would stay down longer than necessary, so that the view from behind would leave nothing to the imagination??? Whilst we were playing men began to move around the table so that they could get a better view, and I just loved that! As I was playing men started to walk past me and making sure they would touch me up on the way through- there were hands everywhere- I was in heaven. I whispered to my husband that I was getting very horny and needed a fuck! The strippers came back on for the next set, and we noticed that most of the men were looking at me now and not them. This made me flirt even more and I started talking to a couple of old men in the corner. They introduced themselves as Bert,Alan & Harry, and told me they were old navy men. I told my husband to get some more drinks and to not hurry back?? I was flirting outrageously by this stage, and was letting everything hang out!! Bert, who must have been 80!! started touching me up, he had his hand on my stocking tops, and then would move it around to my arse and g string. As I didn't react to this he started moving his hand under my dress and got his hand up to my stocking tops. The other two could seee what was happening and were winking at eachother. I was getting very hot and horny, and was desperate for some cock. My husband came back with the drinks and said that he was off to play pool with some other blokes. Fine I said, I am in safe hands!! With that, Bert pushed his hand further up my leg to the crotch of my string. I said that I needed the loo and could anyone show me where they were? Bert offered his services, and Alan & Harry said they had to go as well! We had to walk up some stairs to the toilets, the walls were filthy and lights very dim. As I walked up the stairs I felt a hand up my dress and touched my bare arse, I didnt react and just carried on walking. I saw the ladies and went to go in there, but Alan said that one is not working use the gents! I walked in first, and the other 3 followed.

I was about to walk in the filthy grotty cubicle, when I was grabbed from behind and pushed up against the wall. Before I could say what are you doing(pretending to be bothered!), my dress was up around my waist and they were hands all over my arse, underwear, and pussy. The next thing I knew I was pushed over to the sink area and was face down. I looked in the mirror, and could see the 3 of them pulling down their trousers. Bert then said "fuck off this one is mine first", and shoved his tongue up around my cunt and arse, he started licking me all over and pushed his fingers into me, I was soaking wet. "This one is desperate for it", he smugly said to his friends. He then pulled my string to one side and shoved his tongue up my cunt, he was very rough and obviously didn't know how to treat a woman, but that didn't matter as this was just seedy sex!! Alan, then pulled me up slightly, and ripped open my dress, the buttons pinged off in all directions!! He grabbed my tits, and pulled them out of the basque and started licking my nipples. Harry then told me to suck his cock, so I bent over and took his old veiny cock in my mouth and started sucking aggresively. The next thing I knew Bert stuck his cock inside of me, and started fucking me really quickly and roughly from behind. It didn't take long for me to have my first orgasm, and as I let out a loud scream this made Bert come inside of me. Alan then took over and started fucking me whilst I sucked on Harry's cock. I could tell Harry was going to come and he then held me head as he shot his load in my mouth, ordering me to swallow every drop. As I was doing this Alan, yelled as he shot his load in me. Bert then ripped my dress of totally and threw it in the corner,so I was stood there in a filthy toilet in just my sexy underwear full of spunk! Bert was hard again, and told me he was going to fuck my arse. He pushed me in the dirty cubicle, and bent me over the cistern and rammed his cock up my arse. I yelped with the pain, but then cried with enjoyment, as he started fucking me(I have always loved anal sex). I heard Harry say he wanted a go. After a minute, Bert pulled his cock ut and told me to suck him off. This I did and swallowed his lovely old salty spunk. Harry then laid on the floor and told me to ride him!! I got down and fucked his brains out, It didn't take him long to come! They all then just did themselves up and left me there on my own!! I couldn't believe it and just wanted my husband. I picked up the dress from the filthy floor, and put it on the best I could! I walked down the stairs grabbed my coat from the table where the three of them ignored me and carried on smoking and drinking. I walked over to my husband, who looked at me in my ripped dress and dishevelled state and told him I wanted to leave. He just grabbed me and we walked out of the pub and hailed a taxi home. When we got home I had a shower, and then went to bed with my husband and told him all about the night. He was so excited that he came within seconds, leaving me very frustrated and having to finish myself off! 4 men fucked me that night and I only came once. I had a great evening, but couldn't wait to get back to Frank at the home who knew how to satisfy me! This is one of many stories I have about my "wild years" as I like to call them, and will write again soon.