Written by Biker Cathy

12 Sep 2005

I went with my husband and two of his mates to the Isle Of Man, this summer to see the TT Races. We stayed at a boarding house in Peel, which was full of other bikers. After the first day of watching the racing, I was fed up, so the next morning, I told the others that I would go into Peel and do some shopping instead.

I put on a short denim skirt and a cropped lycra top and set off. I found a market and there was a stall selling bikers' gear. I bought a leather g-string and a quarter cup leather bra.

Someone said,I wouldnt mind seeing you wearing those and I looked round and saw Mike, who was staying at our boarding house.We started chatting and he asked me to join him for a drink. The bar was full of bikers and I was enjoying the attention I was getting from Mike. I could feel his eyes on my naked midriff and bare legs. Mike offered me a lift home and I got on his bike with him.

We got back to the boarding house and I went upstairs. Mike went to get us some food and a bottle of wine. I tried on my new g-string and bra and stood in front of the mirror to admire myself. Suddenly Mike walked into the room and froze. He said, Sorry and went out again. I shouted, Its ok, come on in, I dont mind. He came in again and I asked him for the wine. I went into the kitchen and poured two glasses and gave Mike a good look at my ass. I gave him his glass of wine and asked him what he thought about my leather gear, as I posed for him.

He said, Its a turn on, you look georgous. I took his by now empty glass and went to the kitchen to refill it.

Mike walked in behind me and put his arms around me and kissed my neck. I felt his hand on my ass and then he moved it round and slipped a finger inside my g-string. He felt my shaved pussy and fingered my clit.

I said, Fuck me, Mike, Ride me now. I bent over and pulled the thong strap to one side and he pushed his cock against my cunt lips. His cock was pretty big, but I was wet and he slid it right up me. I bucked against him and he rode me hard for ages until I felt my orgasm approaching.

Come in me, I told him and he started to shoot load after load of sticky cum inside me. I relaxed and let him pull out. My thong slipped back to cover my pussy and Mike's cum dribbled into it. I rubbed my crotch and let Mike see me lick my fingers. I promised to see him the next day and he said he could hardly wait, then he left and I had a shower to get rid of Mike's cum which was all over my ass and the back of my legs.