Written by bill

30 Jul 2004

i just had my very 1st bi experience in toilets that i went into to releive myself,stood either side of me,2 men wanking themselves,i was shocked then 1 of them touched my cock and i didnt stop him,he wanked me then put mine in his mouth,it was really good,then i touched his friend,he pulled my head down and i was soon sucking his cock,back and forth it really felt so horny.i felt something like a smooth gel on my bum being rubbed in then a sharp pain in my arse and yes he was fucking me,i was sore but i let him carry on,after a few minutes i was warm and wet then he slipped out of me and within seconds his friend pushed his cock up my arse,he was so much bigger but as much as it hurt i let him fuck me.he soon came,and went,as i tried to stand my arse was in pain then i saw 2 more men stood there with thier cocks so erect,i was turned around and told to bend over,the first held my hips and fucked me so hard it really did hurt.after he cum in my butt,he left.then the fourth man slipped his cock into my arse but he fucked me nice and gently for 20 minutes then asked me swallow his cum and i did,the whole thing was so exciting and horny i am so looking forward to my next bi experience.