Written by John and Sue

21 Feb 2007

My wife,Sue, is 5'7", blond, 38dd boobs and has a lovely shaved pussy. Along with her friend Carol, who is divorced, they run a small business. It is a catering/kiss-o-gram concern. They do discreet bookings and I go along as the driver/minder. Carol has black hair, 36dd boobs and also shaves her pussy. Most bookings are stag,hen and private house parties. The girls, normally wear french maid outfits and walk around serving the buffet and then surprise the unsuspecting client with a strip,down to their g-strings. Sue recently had a booking in a small hall for a stag party. On the day Carol was called to her elderly mother who had fallen over. She said she would attend as soon as she could. I said I would help Sue with the serving of the buffet, while she did her surprise act. The hall was in a remote location, and the bar area was a table full of beer and various spirits. There were about 20 blokes in the hall when we turned up and they were well tanked up. We set up the food on a table and proceeded to walk around to serve the food. Sue was in her french maid outfit, short black skirt,hold stocking, thong, white see thru shirt with 1/4 cup bra underneath. I noticed as she walked around, most of the blokes were gabbing at her tits and having a good feel.Someone had put a porno film on the tv suspended on one of the walls. At one stage Sue bent over to pick a plate up from the floor and three or four hands felt her backside. My mobile rang, it was Carol.Her mum was fine, but she had broken down about 3 miles from the venue. I asked Sue if she would be alright while I went and got Carol.She said she would be fine. I left and this is Sue's account of what happened while I was away. The bloke who organised the do came up to Sue and asked if she would do her bit now. She felt a bit uneasy doing her act without Carol or myself there, but decided to go ahead. She asked who the victim was and was told the bloke they are grabbing now, About 10 blokes grabbed a bloke by the drinks table and started to walk him to a chair in the middle of the hall, as they did they stripped naked. Sue had a double look, his flaccid penis was bout 8 inches long and he was quite muscular and handsome. They sat him on the chair and Sue proceeded to strip around him.She removed her top and released her large round boobs and sat astride the bloke's lap and pushed her tits into his face.He grabbed her around the waist, it was then she noticed his prick coming alive. It rose to a magnificent 11 inches, in between him and Sue. By this the remaining blokes had formed a circle around Sue and the naked bloke. They were chanting "get em off,get em off". Sue decided to stand up and keep them happy and did a seductive strip. She noticed quite a few had their pricks out wanking as she stripped.When she was naked, they then chanted "suck his prick,suck his prick" Sue said she had never felt like it before but she was quite horny and her pussy was tingling. She then got down on her knees in-between the naked bloke's legs and took hold of his prick with both hands and there was still 3 or 4 inches sticking out. She started to lick his glistening large bulbous bell end, when he suddenly thrust forward, pushing 4 or 5 inches into her mouth. He then grabbed hold of the back of her head and started to mouth fuck her, pushing 9 to 10 inches into her mouth. Sue was getting carried away with all the cheering, she took hold of his behind as he stood up,still pumping away in her mouth. He then proceeded to lay on the floor, making Sue kneel on all fours while she gladly by now continued to suck his monster prick. She felt a several hands touching and play with her large tits and feeling her shaved pussy. The odd finger slipped into her moist pussy, giving her a finger fuck. She was on the verge of an orgasm, when a finger was replaced by the sensation of a stiff large penis being edged into her love hole. When it was in there were loud cheers. It then started to be pumped up and down her cunt. She started to orgasm, the bloke she was sucking started to buck as his large penis erupted into her mouth, which was forced down making her swallow his cum as it hit the back of her throat. It was then That Carol and myself walked into the hall. I guessed something was going on as half the blokes were naked, wanking erect cocks. I pushed to the font just as the bloke fucking Sue withdrew his 12 inch prick and shot his load over her back to a mighty cheer of his mates. Sue turned her head and with spunk dribbling out of her mouth told Carol to get naked and join in the fun. Carol looked at me, shrugged and proceeded to strip. I had a quick thought that perhaps their business was too tame and this would be the way forward with live sex shows. All the blokes had stripped by now and had laid Carol on the floor,on top of a bloke who was already pumping away at her pussy. I had always had three secret desires, one to see my Sue fucked by someone else and to fuck Carol. I stripped off and got behind Sue's arse The bloke beneath carol bucked as he came, he withdrew.I slipped my 8 inches into Carols pussy and pumped away. I looked over and Sue was straddled over another bloke going up and down on his prick, while wanking two others. I then decided to try my third desire. I placed my penis at the opening of Carols anus. She was sucking on a prick that had been thrust into her mouth.Anoher bloke eased himself under Carol and put his prick in her pussy and fucked away.I gently eased my prick into her arse, she then turned to me and said "keep going, I've always wanted to be double penetrated" I fucked her arse and after about 5 minutes I came up her.As i removed my prick, my spunk was dribbling out of her arse. Sue was fucked by about 7 blokes, carol by about 5. The rest were either wanked or sucked off. The 3 of us went back to our house. Carol is now stays on a regular basis, all three of us sleeping the one double bed having sex in various positions. Sue and Carol's business has taken off. They are now recommended by mouth, so they do not have to publicise want sought of entertainment they provide. I now regularly watch Sue and carol get fucked at least six time each, each week now. Our marriage is at a sexual high and Carol is thinking of moving in permanently.