Written by Marcgrec

5 Sep 2006

Hi I have written here before about Tracy (my wife)our 3 somes with our neighbour and friend, well last week it took on a different turn. Our neighbour C has a male friend N who we have met on a few occasions when he has stayed with C and his wife. He is a rep and travels the country and when in our area stays with C.

Anyway Tracy had got fed up with C and felt she was being used by him so he hadn't been flavour of the month for a while.

One night last week Tracy had gone out and I was in the garden just tidying up when I saw C and N come out of his house. They were on their way out for a drink and we had a quick chat about not much really and then they were on their way.

Tracy came back later and I told her I had seen them. She said C hadn't better think about coming round as she would tell him where to go.

Anyway we started watching TV when about midnight our doorbell rang. Tracy said if that is C tell him to piss off. When I opened the door it was N with a bottle of wine. I invited him in and he came through and said hello to tracy. We just spoke generally about work and football and things whilst drinking the wine. Tracy wouldn't have a drink (she was very quiet and defensive). After about 20 minutes she said she was going to bed so N and I said good night and she went upstairs.

When she had gone N said he knew about us and C and wondered if Tracy would be up for it. I said no way as she was off C at the moment and if she knew C had told N she would go mad.

About 10 mins later Tracy came down with the cat to put her out. She had her nighty on with her dressing gown over the top which covered everything. Just as she was going upstairs again N said "Tracy I just have to say you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen and Marc is a very lucky man". This at least made her smile. Then he said I really would like to see your breasts. Tracy said no way but she did laugh. N kept on and on and much to my surprise she said ok just a quick look. She took off her dressing gown and lifted one of her breasts from the nightie. That is it she said. N said could he just have a quick suck and then she could go to bed. Julie hesitated and then said ok just a quick one.

Neil then went to her and put his lips on her nipple and sucked. I could see Julie liked it but she pushed him away after about 10 secs.

She then went to pick her dressing gown up from the floor but slipped straight into N's arms. He put his hands to her bum and then lightly kissed her goodnight. She kissed him back and then it was tongues and his hands were on her breasts and her hand was on his trouser front. He lifted the nightie over her head so she was naked and pushed her onto the sofa. He then put his head between her legs and licked her pussy.

tracy pushed him up and then undid his trousers freeing his cock and proceeded to suck him. She stopped before he could come and reversed with him on the sofa and sat on his cock and rode him cumming at least twice in a minute. All this time I was watching and wanking from the other sofa.

She got off him and said she wanted him to come on her tits so she lay down and Tracy wanked his cock for him until he came over her tits and face.

She was a real star!

She then got up and went to bed leaving us shocked horny and amazed.

Next morning she said that was a one off and she was not doing it anymore.

We will see!