Written by James

12 Aug 2006

Just a true account of the last few days. We're a married couple in our late 50's spending most of the summer at our house in France. We're not really swingers, but we had enjoyed foursomes with a young couple, call them Sarah and Gary, over a period of a few years. Then things started to go wrong for them, Gary decided to split and Sarah was very upset. Earlier this week she came out to stay with us for a few days of rest and time to think. After she unpacked, we were catching up with her news and had a bbq lunch by the pool with some rose champagne - and then started talking about sex, did she want to play with us or just relax and rest? Sarah just said she was very short of sex and wanted to be fucked as much as possible by either or both of us, (the fems are a bit bi).

My wife totally surprised me by saying I should take Sarah inside and give her what she wanted right then - she would join in later if she felt like it. I looked at Sarah, she smiled and just said "That would be lovely". I asked my wife if she was OK and she replied "Who suggested it?"

I went with Sarah to her room, and she slipped off her bikini, standing naked with her pert tits topped by hard swollen nipples, her flat tummy and her neat shaven pussy. My cock was like steel, and I started to play with her, intending to make her come a few times before fucking her. She jumped on the bed and said "Please just fuck me hard, I'm all wet thinkig about it and you can come straight in me". Always obedient to a sexy lady, I told her to kneel up - I know she likes it like that - and pushed my fat 8 inches straight into her - she was soaking wet - and I fucked her as hard as I could for only about five minutes before I had to stop or come. She was screaming with delight and I really wanted to last longer, so I pulled out and made her lie back on the bed. The short break helped me to regain control, and as I climbed between her legs she grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her pussy. I'm normally quite gentle going into a woman, as my cock is quite fat and it usually takes a while for them to get comfortable, but Ann quietly said "fuck me hard and come in me" so I did what she asked and pushed my cock right up her in one go. After another few minutes of hard fucking, with Sarah bucking her hips under me to get my cock deeper in her, I couldn't hold out any longer and shot wads of come right up inside her. After a few minutes of recovery time she got up, slipped on her bikini, said "thank you, that was great I hope we can do some more" and walked out, back towards the pool. I put my shorts back on, and as I approached the pool I saw Sarah bend down and kiss my wife lightly on the forehead. "Thank you", she said, "that was just what I needed and it was kind of you to let him do it" My wife saw me, smiled and said "Seems you made our guest happy" "I hope so", I replied, "but it was very quick" Sarah said "Well it was lovely for me, thank you both". We laughed and my wife said to me "You must make sure Sarah gets all the sex she needs - she's only got a few days" I promised to try to keep her happy, and I did my best. We fucked violently each morning for short, sharp sex, (Sarah's request), and I spent the first half of each night in bed with Sarah having longer, more relaxed foreplay and long fucks, (my choice). Each morning Sarah and my wife had a little kiss and a cuddle, Sarah thanking her for letting me look after her needs.

I really can't understand why Gary doesn't want to be with such a sexy lady, but for me, there's a lot to be said for life under the sun in France!