Written by Bob

27 Sep 2013

Thanks for the comments on my previous posts. So here we go as to what happened when we got home.

We got the car park at the block where my sister in law lived both of us still naked from the waist down; we pulled up our clothing and made our way to her house. As soon as we got in the door still in the hallway she turned to me and we kissed, My hands round her holding her arse and pulling her into me, semi erect cock against her pelvis. I then took hold of the bottom of her top and started to raise it, she held her arms up and I lifted it higher taking it off and exposing her tits in her white bra I dropped her top and my head went down and started to kiss her tits her nipples getting harder as I did she undid my shirt I shrugged out of it and she took her bra off letting her tits swing and my mouth automatically went for one of her hard nipples and started to suck it, her hands went down and undid my trousers and pushed them lower freeing my hard cock for her to play with it I stopped kissing her tits and said fuck it took hold of her waistband and pulled her trousers down to the floor as she kicked her trousers from her ankles I stood and took mine off and we were both in the hallway naked her lovely bald cunt with the lips hanging down and my cock standing out in front of me. I pushed her back onto the stairs told her to turn round which she did I then ran my cock down her arse cheeks and between her thighs she gave a small moan and reached down and took my cock in her hand and guided it between her cunt lips and with a flick of her finger and spreading of her legs I slipped into her hot mature cunt. “That’s what I wanted” she said, “a hard cock fucking me it’s better than fingers or a vibrator”, this turned me on even more knowing she had a vibe in the house I started to thrust into her holding her hips as she pushed against my cock, I couldn’t believe it we were in our 50s-60s and going at it like a couple of teenagers.

I reached round and started to rub her clit her hands were on the steps supporting our weight and her big tits were swinging with every thrust I did, I rubbed her clit harder and she started to moan, “that’s so good” I said, “tell me how much you like a fucking hard cock in you, tell me tell how good it is in your cunt?”.

At that she moaned louder and thrust back harder saying, ” I love it, I love your hard cock in my fucking fanny, I love it opening my lips and going deep into ,my cunt” she then said,” I’m Cumming ohh fuck I’m Cumming and thrust against my cock her hand on top of mine and making me rub her clit even harder till she made a mewing sound and slowed and stopped thrusting just her cunt gripping my cock (she’s never had kids so till tight) I was still hard and said I’m going to cum in minute wait she said and moved my cock sliding out of her wet cunt she turned and said cum on my tits I want to see your spunk on my tits That was it there was a 60 plus lady naked on her stairs holding her tits out for me so I stroked and wanked my cock no more than 8 or 9 pulls and started to cum as if I hadn’t cum for weeks never mind and hour or so before. The first spurt was so strong it hit her chin the rest aimed down onto her tits and nipples She rubbed my cum into her tits and nipples then leant over and opened her mouth to lick me clean when she looked up she had such a smile on her face, we then kissed again. We then stood and walked to the living room still naked and sat down on the sofa holding each other and slowly rubbing each other’s bodies. I could believe it a bj and a fuck Cumming both times and in about an hour and a half... Something I hadn’t done for a long, long time.

We sat and chatted for ages and then she said,” I need a bath or a shower my tits are sticky from your cum” Never mind”, I said, leaning over and kissing her nipple. Stop it she said, ”I’m sore it’s been a long time since I had a fuck like”, that and laughed. That was it for that night we then went and showered together but just rubbed each other then went to bed, I shared hers for the first time both warm and naked. I fell asleep holding her tits and she had her hand behind her holding my cock..