Written by Swingersacrossthepond

13 Nov 2017

After seperating from my first wife and during the years that followed before I met my current wife I went through a strange period. I was out of the military and went back to finish college. In the military I competed in weight lifting so I was heavily muscled. I had many casual encounters with college women. After completing 2 degrees I started working as a Field Engineer in the early 90's and I was traveling quite a bit. At the time I was not looking for any long term relationship.

I lived in Houston Texas for a while and would frequent the night clubs to find women for casual sex. I was usually very sucessful. At the night clubs having the right image was half the battle.

I would pay the valet parking guy to keep my Dodge Viper close by and all the women wanted to see who drove it.

I frequented a night club that usually had at least one bachelorette party on Fridays and Saturdays.

Amazingly enough there was one night that the Bride to be was asking a lot of guys to dance.

The bridesmaids that were suppose to keep her out of trouble were also dancing with other guys.

Towards the end of the night the bride asked me for a slow dance and we danced 3 songs in a row and we were really holding each other tight. She could feel my erection poking her in the stomach . She was 23 and her name was Tammy. She had on tight jeans and a western shirt and a modified veil that bachorlettes wear. She mentioned she was leaving soon with her bridesmaids back to the hotel. I asked her where she was staying. It was a hotel just across the parking lot and it was the same hotel I was staying at. I told her my room number in case she could sneak out later on.

Then Tammy left the club with the rest of her party of 5 other girls. I did not have any hopes to see her again.

Bar time came and I realized I fucked up because I didn't pick up any pussy. On the way out the door I retrieved my keys from the valet and got in my car and started it. I only had a couple drinks all night so I was just going to drive it to the hotel parking lot about 300 feet away. I was tuning my radio for a minute or so when a woman that was leaving the club walked up to my window. She said "nice car". She looked to be about 35. I asked if she needed a ride and she accepted. Her name was Monica. We drove about a mile and then I said I was staying at a hotel nearby but I could take her home if she wanted.

She said "Your hotel will be fine"

We got to my room and we undressed rather quickly and I ended up licking her pussy to 2 orgasms before I started to fuck her. I was taking my time and after about 15 minuts I was just building up to cum when the room phone rang.

It was Tammy the bride-to-be. She was whispering that her roommate was sleeping and she wanted to come over.

I told her to give me 10 minutes. I told Monica that a family emergency came up and I had to go.

I gave her 50 bucks for a taxi and she left and I watched her walking back towards the club.

Tammy knocked a few minutes later while I was washing the pussy smell off my dick. I opened the door in just my boxer shorts. I let her in and she embraced me for a passionate kiss and then it was a race to get her clothes off.

No condoms were discussed and she was especially lubricated. She seemed really slippery when I put my cock in.

I ended up fucking her 3 times over about 2 hours. As she was getting dressed she said she "shouldn't have done that".

I told her she wasn't married yet so it wasn't too big of a thing.

She said in about 9 months it might be.

I think I said "Are you serious? your not on birth control?"

Then she told me she planned the wedding (the next day) to coincide with her ovulation cycle as she wanted a honeymoon baby. I then asked what day was her peak fertility day. She said "today". I asked her if she wanted my contact details.

She said she no and she didn't want to give hers to me either. but she wanted me to understand that she was grateful for our time together and she would be happy if it resulted in her getting pregnant. She just didn't want any chance that her husband to be would find out it if it wasn't his kid. She went back to her room.

This incident really affected me. You would think it would teach me a lesson to be more careful. But it was just the opposite. It seemed it was like a new challenge. From that point on it seemed I would always try to talk to a bachelorette and her bridesmaids whenever I had a chance.

I was ussually very successful with the bridesmaids but I would ussually try my luck with the bride-to-be first.

Only 2 other times was I sucessful with the bride-to-be. One of those was with condoms and another was basically a repeat of the time I had with Tammy. Her name was Dawn and she told me she would not be ovulating for a few more weeks so it will be alright. A few weeks later she called me and said she was ovulating.

I think I said "I see. So you need my help?"And I seem to recall her saying "If it wouldn't be too much trouble"

I gave her directions to my apartment.

She told her husband she had a cosmetology seminar in Austin but really we went to my apartment and fucked for 2 days.

I knew she was trying to get pregnant and at the time I really didn't care.

I did ask her why she wasn't being faithful even though I was glad she wasn't.

Her answer was "Genetics".

She said her husband was average IQ and about 6 inches shorter than me. In height. She said his dick was huge just like mine. But what really scared her was her husband's brother and 2 of his cousins had Downs Syndrome.

About a week later I actually went and started donating sperm at a fertility clinic. I was able to let Dawn know the clinic and my profile number in case her or any of her friends needs it. Dawn called me about a month later and said she was pregnant, We got together again for another 2 day session. When we parted that time she said she didn't know who the father actually was but she wanted to raise him as her husbands and never get a DNA test.