Written by bishop466@hotmail.com

22 Aug 2003

A few weeks ago I caught one of my mates shagging my wife and one of our friends in the same night, he knew that I had seen him with both but neither of the girls did. One of them because she was so drunk, my wife hadn't seen me watching her fuck him. The sight of my wife shagging another bloke was exciting beyond belief and something that I had never thought I would experience. On with the events of Tuesday night, I went out for a beer with Steve, and we got to talking and he again assured me that Natalie, my wife didn't know that I had seen, but she and Sara, knew about each other and Thursday night the two of them were planning a threesome with him .. I looked in disbelief .. I thought Natalie and Sara were going out on a girls night out, but apprently they were going to get more than I knew ... Then Steve asked if I wanted to watch ... he explained that he was going to video it and with a little fixing he could fix it so I could view it in his spare room on his spare TV, but I would have to be quiet... this I thought was to good to miss and I could feel myself getting hard everytime I thought about it... Thursday came and I went around Steve's early, I parked my car a couple of streets from his, he showed me up to the spare room, where he was finishiing fixing up a cable into the back of the TV and tuning it, I saw a picture of the lounge come up Crystal clear, then he disappeared down stairs and after a few seconds appeared on the screen and did a sound check I will never forget as he said " And this is were I am going to fuck your Wife" I shouted from the spare room the sound was fine .... Anyway 8.30 comes and I hear the door bell go, then see both the girls come in giggling, Natalie looking fantastic in short demin skirt and red vest top, and Sara in tight jeans and loose bloose, but I am disappointed when the girls suggest a drink first and pull Steve out of the house suggesting the local for a few to get them in the mood ... it seems an age, and I start to think what a mug I am now sitting quietly in a dark room watching a TV with an image of the Lounge below, in fact looking at my watch its approaching 11pm when I hear the sound of keys in the door and seconds later the three of them appear in the lounge... Steve points out the camera and turns on the TV and I can see what I am seeing on the TV as he pans the camera around the room and settles on the girls, who don't seem to even bat an eyelid at the thought of him taping the action ... I find my cock harden as Steve points the camera at Natalie and tells her to show him what she has, I see sprawl on the settee and open her legs showing off her red panties as her small skirt rides up and she as if in a porn movie makes a mock sexy look and pushes her hand down between her legs and squeezes between her legs, Steve zooms in close on her fingers as she touches herself .... My cock is now rock hard and I release it from my trousers and start to wank myself ... Steve Zooms out and settles the camera on Sara, who by now has taken of her jeans and T-shirt to reveal her trimmed body and firm tits in just her underwear, she and Natalie giggle as the start to do a mock girl on girl session there hands touching each other, but you can see they are more interested in what Steve has to offer.... I see Natalie stand from the Settee and take her vest top of then seductively release her bra to reveal her tits and Steve zooms in close as Natalie walks towards him, the camera seems to go all over the room as they swap and I see Steve looking slightly embarressed sit on the settee and Sara position herself astride him, she proceeds to un-button his shirt and run her hands across his chest .... her hands then move to his waist and with ease un do his trousers and in seconds have his cock in her hands, Natalie moves the camera around in a some jerky manner and seems to hold it sideways so I find myself tilting my head 90 degrees to view the action now sideways on the screen ... and I see Sara pull Steve trousers off then his boxers as he smiles at the camera and says " Now what would you do if I show this to your husbands " I hear both girls laugh hysterically at the thought and it seems to make Natalie aware the she is holding the camera in-correctly and she straigthens it up, just in time for me to see Sara take Steves cock in her mouth and start to wank him in time with her mouth bobbing up and down on him, I can clearly hear her slurping on in and making exagerrated sounds for the camera ... I see Steve body start to move in time with Sara as he is enjoying be sucked my another guys wife... his hands go on to her head forcing her to take him deeper in her mouth, I can hear Natalie egging them both on whilst holding the camera, and telling Sara not to make him cum, as she wants a go......Sara stands and again the picture pans around the room as they swap places I then see my wife Natalie now naked come into the picture and stand in front of Steve, his hands run over her body, I seem him touching her betwen her legs, Natalies hands are playing with her tits and Steve tells her she is so wet, and he wants to lick her pussy, at this he pushes her down on the settee and I see his head disappear between my wifes legs and start to lick and suck her there, Sara zooms in on the back of Steve head and I see him raise up for a second and smile at the camera, his face wet from my wifes pussy ... before her hand appears and pushes his head back down on her .. I can now hear Sara egging them on and Natalie start to groan in pleasure as Steve pushes his tongue inside her, the camera pans from Steves head, back up Natalie body showing her hard nipples and open mouth, her eyes wide as she shudders to a huge orgasm .... but Steve won't stop lick her pussy until her body doubles up and she pulls Steve to kiss her and I see my wife tasting her juices passionately from Steve mouth and hear plead with him to fuck her, I can't believe it when the camera is switched off, the screen goes blank ... I have no idea what now is happening ... quietly I creep out of the spare room, I can hear Sara saying telling Steve she wanks to be fucked first, and I can't believe they are arguing over who is going to fuck who first, then I hear Steve voice, "OK I can sort this, what if you both get fucked at the same time" I hear Steve call me from downstairs, my heart pounds as I look for an escape, I hear Natalie and Sara's disbelief as Steve tells them I have been watching. As I enter the room the look at Natalies face is between shock and embarressment ... I see the three naked bodies and Sara then points out the huge erection in my trousers and comments that she always wondered what it would be like to fuck me anyway, Sara stands naked in front of me and I look at Natalie as she shrugs as Steve moves back to her, pushing her back on the settee I see her legs part and him push his cock into her gapping pussy, a moan tells me she won't be concerned at what I get up to, as Sara undresses me and in seconds I find myself naked on the floor as Sara sits astride my body her hand directs my cock into her lovely wet pussy. She starts to fuck me and for the first time my hands cup her fantastic firm tits... she fucks me hard, I feel her wetness dripping on to my groin my eyes look back from time to time to watch Steve fucking Natalie and her moans grow as he shoots his load inside her, her hands gripping his bum and holding him deep inside her .... the sight of some else filling my wife, makes me explode inside Sara and I feel her muscles tighten around me as she too cums ... then I feel her body rest on top on mine, her soft skin fantastic to touch ..... After a couple of seconds Steve gets up from Natalie, our eyes fix on each other and she smiles at me, and Steve takes a position behind Sara as he lifts her from my body, her hands take hold of my cock as she raises herself to her knees and she starts to suck her juices from my cock as Steve takes her from behind, from the cry of pain I guess he is forcing his cock in her tight arse, I look at Natalie, her legs wide apart, revealing her wet pussy, cum dripping from it, she sees me looking and moves from the sette to position herself astride my face and I start to lick her were Steve has just fucked her and I taste his cum mixed with her juices ... I can feel Sara's mouth close around my cock a little harder as Steve fucks her from behind and hope she doesnt actually bite... but the sensation is so sensative that it doesnt take long before I feel myself about to come, then I explode into her mouth as she takes every last drop of my cum, I feel Natalie's body shudder on my tongue as she orgasms in my mouth .... to give me a further taste of Steve's cum from her pussy......although Sara has stopped suck me I can still feel her body being pushed against mine as Steve fucks her arse so hard, and the moans as he collapse ontop of her, to leave 4 hot naked bodys on the floor of his living room ... we played for a little longer, the trip home with Natalie was somewhat interesting, with me apprently in the wrong for not telling her I knew ... I am not sure I can work that one out!