Written by Danielle

9 Jun 2004

I would like to share an experience with you which has resulted in me having 'what if' fantasies.

In occurred about 6 years ago whilst working as a rep for a hoisery company. I used to call on an Asian cash and carry in Birmingham and always had a bit of laugh with the warehouse guys who called me 'Stocking girl'and always teased me by asking if i was wearing my stockings. My answer was always a little sheepish ' thats my secret' or thats fro me to know and for you wonder about'. I always tried to keep my composure and not to show any embarrassment and, even though im not the blushing type, I always felt a little warm tingle and a little bit 'slutty'.

One day, the usual comments etc, I was up a small step ladder counting some of my stock when i was surrounded by the usual crowd of 4 cheeky lads but this time they started rocking the steps which frightened me because it got quite boistrous until i started to topple. They caught me but the biggest of them suddenly lifted me and hoisted me over his shoulders causing my skirt to ruck right up and expose my stockings suspenders french knickers. I obviously shouted and protested and tried to calm things down but they didnt listen and just carried me to their shed in the far corner of the warehouse where they proceeded to touch me up and feel me. I was firmly held but started to relax my grip as I suddenly became quite excited and worked up as my knickers were pulled down but before anything could happen the bell started ringing to inform them that they had a delivery. So they just let me go and laughed as they walked out and left me to get myself back together. I was quite shocked by this sequence of events but also strangely curious. i complianed to my boss who took it up with the cash and carry owner but nothing happened and it was hushed up. I was taken off the account but have ever since had gangbang fantasies wondering what would have happened if they had not been disturbed. Im almost embarrassed to admit that I was very wet and would have probably cum very quickly if they hadnt stopped. My big fantasy now is to be gangbanged by 4 guys. This will probably remain until such time as I get it out of my system!