Written by Dave

16 Aug 2006

I discovered this site some time ago and thought I’d try my luck but as yet no joy so thought I’d share some of my past experiences.

I now find myself in my late forties and once more single to explore the world of kinky sex with strangers. I met my first wife at a very young age, married at nineteen but divorced a few years later. Although she enjoyed me performing oral sex she never returned the favour, not once. I was almost twenty-five years of age and never experienced a blowjob!

By chance I came across a contact magazine and answered several ads with much enthusiasm but with no reply, I even tried my luck with men offering their wives for a threesome – a fantasy I held with my wife but think we would have divorced much sooner had I breathed a word. Just browsing and I came across the gay section with guys offering mutual wanking and sucking. Never thought I’d have the nerve but after some weeks I was curious, even wondering what it might be like to suck another guy’s cock.

Struck lucky first time and arranged to meet with some guy living over 50 miles away, he could accommodate and I thought a safe distance to ensure discretion. Think I was far too nervous that first time and it was all over in moments but I did enjoy the thrill of my first ever blowjob and was fascinated having sucked my first cock. Over the next year I met with a few more guys with pretty much the same experience until eventually I tasted cum for the first time. Can’t really say that I liked the taste but I felt thrilled that he’d cum in my mouth.

I did enjoy those experiences but always knew that I’d prefer sex with women. But during that time I met a new set of mates, all single guys and we’d often go clubbing on the weekends and had my fair share of opportunities meeting women but when I began a relationship I lost interest meeting other men. She was much more adventurous than my ex wife, a few years younger, very attractive that I thought I’d struck gold. In her previous relationship he had been very jealous and possessive while I was very much the exhibitionist and voyeur. She was game for most things, loved flashing her tits to other men and we both enjoyed the thrill of outdoor sex with the risk of being caught. We even considered a threesome but I don’t think she was really keen so I couldn’t allow that to happen.

However, I didn’t yet feel ready to settle down. After being with my ex wife from such a young age I was now having such a good time and after about a year that relationship came to an end. I’d always kept in touch with my mates, often having nights out with them so was back on the circuit meeting other women and again had my fair share of opportunities.

But even so, think I’d developed an interest in kinky sex with strangers and replied to a few ads from the contact magazine, hoping to meet couples for a threesome. That never happened and eventually I arranged to meet another guy but this time I think I was keener to try sucking another cock. Met with a couple guys with pretty much the same experience as before until I met Tony.

I’d always felt more comfortable meeting older guys but Tony was much older at fifty years of age. A professional guy, looking much younger than his years and I think by now I’d become much more relaxed about meeting strangers. Also, unlike the other men I’d met Tony lived much closer to home and he was the first guy I agreed to meet a second time. Think it helped from the first time we met everything was much more relaxed and although I hadn’t yet realised we were pretty much compatible, I was the exhibitionist while he enjoyed having younger men for company.

He had long since divorced, with two grown children but he’d always considered himself as bi- sexual. We began meeting on a regular basis, about once a week. I can’t remember the exact sequence of events but I think with him being much older and having much more experience he was becoming very much the dominant force, making most of the suggestions, while I enjoyed playing a submissive role.

It was all pretty much light-hearted but I enjoyed playing the role where I would often perform a strip tease then spend much of the evening wandering the house naked or sitting next to him talking while he remained fully clothed. Of course, by the end of the evening I was rewarded and allowed to suck him off and enjoyed the taste of his cum in my mouth or over my face.

I never really thought I’d ever agree to anal but after some persuasion I finally agreed to give it a try. I suppose we will always remember our first time at anything and I remember sitting on the settee, knees raised to my chest while Tony slowly eased his cock inside me. Think I was more worried that it might hurt but was surprised that there was little discomfort and with a little more practise equally surprised at how much I enjoyed being fucked.

I can honestly say that I’ve never found myself fancying other men, fascinated by big cocks yeah, but the thrill for me was having kinky sex. By now I often stopped a Friday night with Tony, I could never kiss a guy on the lips but we both enjoyed exploring each other’s bodies. I’d still spend much of the evening naked and often kept an erection but Tony preferred to keep the sex until we went to bed.

We talked about all kinds of stuff but one morning Tony mentioned that he’d like to watch me have sex with other men. I was eager to please so we set up an ad in the contact magazine, offering me, his cock slave to other men. Over the next eighteen months I’d had sex with a number of guys. Some never turned up, no doubt put off by the idea of meeting two guys even thought it had been explained that Tony only wanted to watch. Most we met just once or twice but eventually me met a guy that was just as eager to play the dominant role, much more that Tony. We began to have regular meets that lasted for some time and I really enjoyed playing the cock slave while Tony watched. Again, Paul was some years older than me but after we’d become more relaxed as a group the role-playing become a little more serious. I still had my limits but I even enjoyed being humiliated, being used and abused. But once the game was over we all sit and chat before he left.

Tony always preferred to just sit and watch at first but eventually joined in. Paul enjoyed outdoor sex, a little risky we thought but agreed to give it a try when he insisted that he knew of several secluded places to visit. On our very first visit I agreed that I would just suck off both cocks but even Tony persuaded me to strip naked. Don’t think I’ve been so excited in my life, being fucked by two men in broad daylight with the risk of being seen. To be honest, don’t think Tony was prepared to take too many risks so I always relied on his judgement when we visited other places but I did meet with just Paul several times and things got a little more daring where I would suck him off in a public place.

I enjoyed my experiences with both Tony and Paul but I guess once the novelty had worn off and I guess being a little bit older I was ready to settle down again. However, that ended just a year ago but so would love a threesome with another couple, something I’ve not tried yet.