Written by Richard & Mandy

14 Aug 2006

For the last two years me and my wife have had lots of bedroom talk about her being with another guy. It gets us both horny and we fuck for ages fantasising about it.Yesterday we were kid free and had gone to bed for some fun. Mandy wanted me to talk dirty to her about her being with another guy.I said it was time she done something about it. It was getting boring just talking it was time to see if she would go through with it, so i said to her that i would not talk about it until she done something about it.

She said to me so you would not mind if i done something, i said no not at all go for it.With that she got up went downstairs and came back with our local free paper. She opened it to the personal ads and started to read out a couple of ads where guys were looking for discreet fun. There was one which said mature guy looking for lady for discreet friendship and adult fun. I said to her call him, and she she picked up her phone and said "I will" i said go for it !

She rang the number and it went into voicemail. She started to look at the other ads when her phone started to ring, she answered it and looked at me shocked. I heard her say , yes I waas calling about your ad in the paper. I whispered to her to put the phone on loud speaker. I then heard this quie deep mans voice say, tell me about your self how old are you. Mandy said 36 as the ad had said ladies over the age of 35 and she was only 32, she asked how old he was and he said 59 was that a problem Mandy said no thats fine. HE asked what her stats were , which made her laugh and she said, 5ft 4 36c 26 38 with long brown hair and blue eyes.He said lovely and that he was 6.2 fit brown hair green eyes. He asked Mandy what she was looking for, She said some discreet fun. With that he said are you free now! That took Mandy by surprise and I nodded for her to say yes. She nervously said yes.

He said great, his name was Brian and he asked her if he could meet her at a local forest and they could go for a walk. HE then said which rally got my heart racing if she could make sure she had a dress or a skirt on and preferably have black knickers on not a g string. he said he would meet her in one hour and he was really looking forward to it. HE asked what car she would be in and then hung up.

I was now rock hard and shaking with exciment , Mandy was excited but unsure, she said you dont really want me to go do you. I said go on go and just see, if you do not like him come away. With that she got up and went in the bathroom. I then heard the shower go on and this furthered my excitment that she was serious.She came back out and asked if i minded I said no not at all, I asked her if she wanted to go and she said in all honesty "Yes" this further hjammerd a nail into my heart one of confusion and excitment.As she dried her self i layed slowly wanking myself. She told me to stop as she said if i came I may change my mind.She was really keen. She got out a really sexy pair of lacey knickers and bra....Black as requsted

She then got out a sexy red summer dress. She is very curvacious with quyite a big bum but a eally nice shape. She put the underward on adn then a pair of sandalls brushing her long hiar and then covering her slef in perfume before she slipped the dress on.She looked really really sexy. She asked me how she should play it. I said that i would drive there first and find a good view point and watch for a safe distance. She should come in at the agreed time.

I kissed her on the cheek and got in the car and drove the 10 minutes to the forest. My heart as racing, I got there and there was one other car there but it was empty. I got out and walked for a few minutes up a small hill and found a resting palce with a good view of the car park. I had only been there a few minutes when..... Continued