Written by shockedman!

23 Jun 2006

My hand went into her knickers...shes totally hairy down there...the minute i touched her she started really making a lot of noise...i watched her and i in the mirror..it was great!...after only a minute she came...and came hard!...my hand was soaked...i was desperate to fuck her now...so i took control.....pulled her hand off me....turned her round to face the mirror.....pulled her knickers down and put her on all fours and entered her doggy...only a few strokes and i came inside her. Oh my god i thought..ive just fucked my 65 yr old MIL!!!...OK it wasnt the best shag but i did it!...She just got to her feet and left with BOTH pairs of knickers!...not a word said!..Anyway later on they returned...all back to normal..my MIL not even bothered it seemed or so i thought..Anyway next day my MIL was about to leave and when my wife popped outside my MIL came up to me and stuffed her dirty knickers down my trousers!..."Not a word" she said!!...WOW!..what a women!..Ive totally changed my opinion of her and much older women!..Let me know what you think or of anything similar.