Written by ezy

26 Oct 2003

ive many stories to tell hopefully il get better. this starts as a holiday in tunisia the hotel and beach were great the country was crap. well the locals pester our women.anyway .we got friendly with another couple at the hotel yopu know drinks /sunbathing etc.wed got on well and one day arranged anight out at local restarant for lobster wh ich we had to order in advance. wed got ready and arranged to meet at the hotel bar when we got there onlysharon was there .after the girls had had a chat it turns out carl had wante ashag before they went out.but even thogh they had a special trick sharon had said no i asked wot it was but suzy said shed tell me later.so next thing suzy offers to go see him and make him come. that made me think as well.i sat in bar with sharon drinking while suzy went off to get carl. this is what she told me happend. she knocked on the door and then walked in. the room was empty with just a lamp on at the side of the bed .carl was in the bathroom .e heard the door and called out. so you changed your mind . get your knickers off and kneel on the end of the bed. this surpised suzy so she locked the door then pulled her short skirt up over her waist and pulled her thong off .then kneeling on the end of the bed waited.it seemed an age waiting with her ass and twat on display.then she saw a shadow in the light as he entered the room with out saying a word he droped to his knees and licked her pussy.as she came he turned his attention to sucking her ass.which wasnt something she normaly did but knowing about his special trick allowed him to stick his tougue right up her ass.then repaced it with his dick shagging her hard holding her hips then as his breathng increased she knew what was going to happen as he pulled out her cunt and pushed the tip of his cock into her ass and spunked into it turns out sharon liked carl to spunk in her ass when they go out so it doesnt run out her twat when thier out .even though it was dark he knew it wasnt his wife buut didnt say anything in case it ruined the mood next day i asked him if he enjiod fucking my wife he said he did and asked for more . isaid well see . but he did turn up for the meal after suzy made him come !