Written by Pao

1 Jun 2006

We met last year in a service shuttle. By her looks she is around 27 – 30 years old with a bababoom body. She fell asleep as we travel so I started to make my way. First, I put my elbow on top of her breast and she did not react. When we ride-off the van I followed her and asked for her name and contact number and she gamely gave it to me. Her name is Michelle. When I arrived in the office, I immediately called her up and invited for a lunch. She obliged and we went out. After that, I asked her if I can bring her home, she refused and told me that she’s staying late and want to watch a movie afterwards. Again, I asked her If I go with her in the movies and she agreed. It was a sexy movie and I think she got carried away. At the middle of the movie I kissed her and it seems she likes it. Then, I started to play with her breast and she loves it. After the showing we stayed put in the movie house and wait for the next screening. The people inside can be counted by our fingers, so we go to a place where it is comfortable and no one can disturb us. I put down her pants and panty and started to eat her pussy. It was so sweet and delicious. When she’s getting wet, I slid my middle finger on her. After going back and forth, I inserted my second, third and fourth finger. The feeling was so great because that’s the first time I was able to do that. After I felt that she’s coming I kissed her lips and she faded. But after a while, Michelle turn her head to me and started playing with my dick. When it was hard enough to swallow, she sucked it like a hungry baby. I told her that I’m coming already but she continue to blow me off. My juice went straight to her mouth and she love it. After that incident, we went out regularly and do nasty things. She blow job me in a bus, shuttle service, her car, in their office, in parking lot and many other places.