Written by swimathon

16 Aug 2006

Ive just got back from my local pool it is attached to a hotel and rarly gets used in the evening the odd guest but normally its just me and maybe one other person.

tonight I had just finished my swim when a woman who had been swimming along got out and into the jacuzzi, as she got out of the pool my eyes nearly fell out of my head she had a white full peice bathing suit which was almost completly transparent and showed her amazing figure. I could see evrything pussy breasts the lot.

I changed direction and got in te jacuzzi next to her and starterd chatting, she said she was staying for one night and had never been in this area before and was unlikely to be back. then she said so you have one chance to fuck me and then i'll be gone.

My cock got hard immediatly and ai placed her hand on the front of my trunks and said will this do, she pushed her hand down the front to feel my bell end and giggled that will do nicley.

She sat astride me there and then pulling her gusset to one side I slipped into her in one go and sat ther as she rocked back and forward.

I pulled down her straps to reveal her fantatsic 36 D breats with dark poited nipples and sucked on them as she rode me.

I could feel her breath begining to shorten and then she orgasmed like a fucking train. She screamed and thrashed pulling me head first into those breats that was it I shot my load load straight up her.

We looked around realising we were in a public place but noone was there. We got out and I said what now.

She looked at me and said nothing we are done by and with that she turned and went off to the changing room full of my spunk.

What a woman