Written by Carol

6 Jun 2006

I’m Carol.

Ivan has just shown me the account that he wrote of our holiday to Fuerteventura (SWING VIRGINS IN FUERTEVENTURA – 31 May.) I wish he had told me before posting but I do not really mind and thought I would add a few comments of my own.

Having been married for over 20 years we had been making increasing use of our swinging fantasies during our lovemaking. I have to say that I found it very exciting but was unsure how Ivan would react to seeing me another man so we did nothing about it. My feeling was that, despite hisinterest, Ivan would not be able to let go of a jealous streak.

I immediately took to Dave and Claire and managed many a sly peek at his bathers while Ivan was trying to hide his obvious interest in Claire. I was keen to accept the invitation to join them on the nudist beach but a bit anxious about Ivan’s reaction so decided to take it slowly. When Dave and I were playing in the sea things became quite saucy, with many accidental touches below water. My bikini bottom did not come off accidentally, I just thought it was time to go the whole hog.

When Claire suggested a walk to get some water I thought nothing of it but could feel Dave and Ivan’s eyes on us as we walked away. Claire was very frank and very quickly told me that she and Dave had been regular swingers for about five years. I said that Ivan and I had been wondering. She told me that she and Dave found us attractive and would we be interested? I was astonished by her directness and did not quite know what to say. Anyway she quickly got me to admit that I was but was less sure about Ivan, even though she must have noticed the effect that she had on him. At this she laughed and commented that she would like to experience the whole works, adding that it was usually the wife who was the reluctant one, at first anyway. So I agreed to discuss matters with Ivan later. As we approached our sun beds the boys were fully awake and did not try to hide their interest, neither being completely at rest, so to speak.

Back in our room I told Ivan what Claire had told me. He was clearly excited but neither of us wanted to risk our marriage so agreed to just be passive and see what happened.

The sight greeting us when we entered their room was totally unexpected and when Dave turned to greet us I felt myself getting very wet very quickly. His prick pointing straight at me like a spear, looking away I noticed Claire on the balcony rubbing her pussy Ivan was pretending to admire the pictures on the wall!

After Dave fixed the drinks I sat on one of the balcony chairs and when Claire and Ivan began dancing Dave sat down opposite, the tension was getting unbearable. Dave put his hand on my thigh and seeing Ivan and Claire now dancing very close with her hand hidden somewhere between them I raised my skirt and looked Dave straight in the eyes. He needed no second invitation and soon I could feel his tongue licking it’s way up my thigh and pushing against my thong. Moving it aside he had free range and I simply lay back and enjoyed, stroking his hair.

Hearing the bed squeak I looked up to see Ivan kneeling above Claire about to push in. Gently lifting Dave’s head I nodded in their direction and we got up and joined them.

The rest, more or less, you know.