Written by Swedishsteel69

23 Aug 2006

I lived in the U.S. for many years and i took my girlfriend at the time to a swingers club in Phoenix, AZ.

She was wearing a black blouse with no bra and a black skirt with no panties and a pair of black leather boots. She had never before been to one of these clubs. But when we got there and we went in to a room where they had a big screen with a pornflick showing she went crazy! She knelt in front of me and and took my dick out and started sucking like never ebfore1 After a while i grabbed her and pushed her back against the wall and i went down on her.

I licked her pussy like i had never licked it before1 after a while we went in to another room where there were couples having sex everywhere! And we started having sex and there was a bunch of people watching us and it turned us on alot! I finally was aboout to come and she took my dick in her mouth and sucked me of and she swallowed for the first time! She(and i as well) got really turned on by having people watching us having sex and we went home and took out the digital cam. and took a bunch of photos of ourselves having sex and it was something i will necer forget!