Written by Jonno

6 Mar 2006

Last Friday, we went to our local swingers club, we had agreed to meet with a couple and their new friend. Great I thought, 3 guys and 2 girls.

We had a few drinks then went upstairs to the jacuzzi. We all sat in it naked and drank wine. It wasn't long before one of the girls said Im too hot in here, lets get on the bed.

We made our way to the bed and the towels came off, one of the guys had a massive dick and it wasn't long before my wife was wanking him while the other girl started sucking the huge end of his cock. I got behind my lady and started to lick her pussy from behind, evry now and then, I went down to watch her a the other girl swap places and wank and suck that huge cock. He must have been at least 10" and it wasn't long before he was spraying cum all over the place.

They then turned their attention to us and gave us great blow jobs in turn until we were both spurting it eveywhere!!!

Time for a break and then give the girls a good fucking. Adrian, the guy with the big cock wasted no time in getting his huge dick up my wife, I decoded to watch but then the other women started sucking me off again. Her husband was fucking her while she laid on her side. My wife was yelping like a dog, shed never had a cock so big.

We finished off with cum everywhere, so the girls jumped in the shower and washed each other off,..............of course stopping to play with each pussies. Once we heard the moans coming out of the shower, we thought it would be a good idea to watch....again!!!

So in we went and watched them doing each other in the shower...............yes, we got horny and yes, we ended up fucking again.............

More spunk, more orgasma and a great night....we'll meet again in two weeks!!!!!!!!!