Written by biged

26 Jun 2006

hi well its me biged again this time i must tell you about the sexy night we had last week, our next door neighbour sue about the same age as my wife came round and as i had been fucking her for some years and the wife knows we had a few drinks and my wife said how about you fuck sue and i watch and frig, so sue and myself started at it and we soon were naked on the floor infront of my wife, she soon got her fingers in her panties and was friggin herself off, and as i was licking sue,s juicy cunt I heard sue say your cunt looks as if if wants a good seeing to and wife was up and ready for anything, she moved over to us and made for my throbbing cock as she did sue reached out and started to rub wifes juicy cunt at first she looked a bit worried so I said just relax and let it happen,she opened her legs as wide as she could and sue slipped two fingers up her cunt, wife was enjoyin this so i reached round and stuck a finger up as well she was going mad with joy,by this time sue had changed position and was getting more that horny so I thought let them do what they want so i sat back and let them get on with it, and as i sat wanking they realy went to town my wife is very noisy and she was getting louder by the min I was gatting wel toward cummin so I went over to them and got them to lay on top of each other so they both had their cunts wide open together, I first slid my cock in to sue then into wife i fucked them both like this for a while and when I cum i shot my load over both cunts they then turned for a 69 and licked my spunk off each others cunts, we then had a break for an hr and it all started again, what a night.