Written by Old Ted

20 May 2015

Having reached the age when my cock stays soft too long owing to so many tablet's.

I think back to all those moments where I took advantage of women, it may make you laugh but I recall calling in to see Doris, her ex hubby - a good mate of mine had pissed off with the woman next door.

Anyway I was working the local gas works selling the 25 kilo bags of coke - very popular in the 1960s, having 4 bags spare I called in to see Doris - cold house, burning the last of a couple of logs, so as you can imagine I was very welcome, of course Doris had no money can she pay me next week - of course not - off came my coat I dropped my trousers and pants and said get your hands around this Doris, now one thing about Doris her ex had said she was always ready for a fuck, but the poor cow was ugly, flat chested and good for fucking was her only asset, so not being fussy who's cunt I fucked Doris would fit the bill, after all I was getting sex for the value of the coke about £1,

now not having a fuck since her ex left, she was ready and able so to speak.

Getting hold of my cock she worked it nice and hard - then without hesitation she opened her mouth and started to suck -now that was something my wife would not do - it made her sick she said, after a while I knew I could easily cum - but I wanted to actually fuck her, so I pulled out and said get them off Doris, and she took her dress and slip off, then her knickers and I said leave your bra on - your old fanny will do me, I was really surprised how wet she was seeing as I had not fingered her at all - no politeness she lay on the edge of the sofa and I entered her - now it was unbelievable that this ugly old 50 yo woman gripped my cock with her cunt muscles like a real pro, I mean she was a great fuck, I said is it ok to cum Doris - oh yes she said but make it last a bit can you, its ages since I had any cock - you can have my arse as well, something else her ex had told me - no period problems with Doris he said, arse or blowjob anytime, or even when she was wearing a pad - slip it if you don't worry about the mess.

Anyway I quite enjoyed the fuck - and had to hold back several times - trouble was she had no tits to play with, and to fucking ugly to snog, so I just pulled out and played with my cock at her cunt lips- plenty of flesh there, then pulling both her legs up to her shoulders I slipped into her arse, how she managed it I don't know - but she was gripping my cock real tight, my foreskin was feeling great, I had a good hard cock now pounding her arse like a great fuck, to be honest, she was the best arse I had ever fucked up an till then, better than the wife or her sister who I was also arse fucking, any way I shot my lot up that back hole, pumping away with every last drop of cum, on pulling out- I put my cock to Doris's mouth and no hesitation she sucked off everything on my cock, and still sucked away till I was getting hard again, I think she would have loved me to fuck her again, but I had enough - it was not the last time Doris was available to me - but I had other women on my rounds by then -but that's another story.