Written by annon

3 Jun 2014

Ok so this my first story so here it goes.

A few months ago my wife and I were in a taxi on the way home from a wedding. She is 28 F507 size 10/12 32C dark shoulder length hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes you have ever seen. I'm 31 6ft 2 athletic build dark hair and tanned skin. Now like most men the thought of her with another is a real turn on. So anyway back to the cab. She was sitting behind the driver and I in the centee whe she whispers to me "I'm horny, I want you now." This I may add never happens as she is a very private person and almost certainly wouldn't do anyhing in public. Until now

I turned back to her and said prove it. With that she hitched up her dress and began rubbing her pussy right there in the back of the cab. She began really getting into it as well even moving herself forward so her pussy was right on the edge of the seat, legs wide open and fingers going deep.

I could see the cab driver beginning to adjust his mirror, but with her sitting behind him it restricted his view. I leaned over again and said "if your really horny show him, and move over to the center seat." With that I slid across to the far side of the cab. Thinking maybe I had pushed this too far as she didn't follow.

Then it happened she slid across pulled the dress even higher and pulled her knickers to ankles you began rubbing her pussy even more. The driver now had a great view and this didnt do his driving any good especially for the up coming speed camera which he unfortunately activated.

She then began unzipping my trousers and took my cock in her left hand whilst rubbing her pussy with her right hand. I reached across and started playing with her tits and made sure they were on full show. I could see the cab drivers rubbing his trousers more and more whist watching and trying to drive.

It wasn't long before we reached our house. And when the cab pulled up it took her a few minutes before she finished and she got out of the cab. I thanked the cab driver and said I was sorry for him about the camera and he said it was worth the show. I tipped him nicely and got out following my sexy wife to the door. Still mega horny she started stripping off came the knickers fully and bra and dress whilst I fumbled the keys in the door.

I got the door open and she burst past me.all that remained was her shoes. She turned to me laid back on the stairs and said eat me. Spreading both legs. I didnt need a second telling and was in there like a shot. Her pussy was so wet and she began getting even more horny this led to her dirty talk which is getting real good and she started saying how she wanted to fuck the best man at the wedding and the groomsman and how she wanted to suck the cab drivers cock. She got so Horny she jumped up ran up stairs and now on the bed I began to fuck her.

I was so hard and ready to shoot when I had an idea. I grabbed two dildos from her draw. Her favourate the rabbit was presented first. And she got to work thrusting it in and out whilst beginning to suck my cock. The other was placed in her arse which I know isnt her favourate place but this was a different kind of situation. She continued to suck my telling me how many cocks she wanted and how she wanted to suck my cock with her friends and sure enough it didnt take long for me to shoot. In her mouth, over her tits and she began cumming at the same time.

That was the first step to what may lead to her and I enjoying others and maybe me getting my wish to watch her with being fucked hard.