Written by Wolfman

14 Jun 2006

I had known David for some time. We weren’t what you would call very close pals but we had been friends for some years. Anyway, it came as a surprise to discover he was bi sexual.

My wife was out and she left me to finish off the laundry in the machine. David popped round about 9am as he was on late shift. I had just brought down the last pile of soiled laundry, mostly my wife’s underwear and nightwear together with a blouse or two. Opening the door with this lot in my arms was difficult and I dropped a couple of items David quickly picked up, both were the wife’s panties. Walking down the passage to the kitchen I happened to catch Dave’s reflection in the hall mirror. He was holding those panties to his nose. The sight, whilst brief set me thinking.

I put the kettle on for a drink having dropped the washing on the floor by the machine. Dave sat down but kept looking at the assortment of panties, mostly in shades of pink and getting flushed in the face.

In order to break the silence I asked if he ever did the laundry for his wife?

He looked embarrassed but nodded.

“Does your wife wear full panties like those”? indicating with my head those laying on the floor.

“My wife still likes to wear the old fashioned types we know as bloomers, not very exciting though”.

“Are you kidding, I get as horny as hell if I see a woman in silky pink rayon bloomers”.

“Are you serious? My wife only wares shades of pink or light green and I thought I was the only one who liked them”.

He stopped suddenly having realised what he had just said then in an attempt to change the line of talk he said, “Oh she has panties as well all full cut like those” indicating the pile on the floor.

I got up and picked up the silkiest pair of heavy pink nylon and tossed them onto his lap.

“Here have a feel of these and tell me what you think”.

He looked nervously at me then picked them up and briefly sniffed at them.

“Wow your wife smells great. I love the smell of a woman’s cunt in soiled panties don’t you”?

His right hand was stroking over the now enormous bulge in his pants and my mind races as to how to get him really interested in a joint sexual outlet. I got up making sure he caught sight of the now very prominent bulge in my pants and I leaned over to retrieve a yellow pair of panties, then returning to my seat I gave them a good sniff. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as he pulled at his zip then lowered the panties into his lap covering his errection.

“Gosh you’re right, they make you feel so horny don’t they”.

“Yeh, makes you want to toss off doesn’t it”?

My nod and sudden reach for his cock made him start, but he relaxed and I felt his fingers stroking my bulge so I eased down my zip and his hand disappeared inside.

“Gosh I wish I had known you liked to share, look at the time we have wasted over the years”.

He grinned. “It’s only recently that I have taken an interest in other men’s cocks. A couple of years ago an old guy at work who did permanent nights and whom I had known for some time, followed me out to the toilets during our break. I was peeing and out of the corner of my eye saw he was wanking, slowly but still wanking. It was impossible to miss since he was standing right next to me. He quickly covered up when another guy came in, peed and left. I was fascinated by the size of his erection and for as much as I tried, I wasn’t able to prevent my own cock from rising. During all this time he never spoke a word. Then suddenly he looked at me and indicated with a nod of his head that we should enter one of the cubicles.

I was no longer nervous, well not so you would notice. Inside he bolted the door and slipped his pants down. I was amazed to see he was wearing women’s knickers. They were bright pink and with his errection poking out from the side it looked very arousing.

I was so engrossed I had no recollection of my slipping my pants down but I did recall what it was like to have his mouth slide back and forth over the head of my cock and the fantastic orgasm I had. He stood up, slipped his panties off and wrapping them around his cock he began to toss off at the same time fondling my now semi hard cock. His sudden orgasm took me by surprise. He cleaned himself up pulled his pants back on and with those panties in his hand hw went out to the rubbish bin and tossed them inside, winked and walked back to the machine shop. Our break was over. I washed my hands and drying them over the bin I knew I had to have those panties. Quickly I fished them out and stuffed them into my pocket and walked out.

That was the longest night shift I ever did”.

By this time I was very aroused and his hand around my hard cock felt great. Both of us were uncut so we each knew the pleasures of a messaging foreskin back and forth over the head of our cocks.

“Quick, get me another pair of your wife’s panties” he cried out. Breaking away for a second I handed his a thin silky nylon pair in deep pink.

“Pull them over my head” he instructed.

“Mmmmm wonderful, she has a lovely cunt smell”. He broke of sharply when my mouth slipped over the head of his cock, pushing back his foreskin with my lips to taste the pre-cum oozing from the slit of his cock.

“Ooooo that feel so good, I can imagine your wife doing that to me”.

The sudden forced jets of spunk took my by surprise as he moaned and groaned with each jet. It was so much I had a job swallowing it all. Even so some leaked from the corners of my mouth I wiped with my hand.

“Boy that was something else, now it’s your turn”.

I stood up and he went down on me. It wasn’t the sensation of his mouth around my cock that sent me into a wild spasm of sensation but two of his fingers thrusting in and out of my arse. My orgasm was immediate and he to sucked it all down his throat noisily.

When he got up he kissed me on the mouth and I found myself responding. Breaking free he looked at me smiling and said, “I think we have to make up for lost time. I had an inkling you were bi via the videos you loaned me since they got my hand going and I felt sure they had the same affect on you. You will never know how I fantasised about you tossing off over some of the videos I loaned you”.

We both laughed.

When he finally left I just had to toss off into a pair of my wife’s panties whilst holding another pair to my face. It felt great and with visions of what the future held for Dave and myself I just blasted off.

I didn’t see him for a couple of days then almost at the close of the week he turned up. This time we didn’t hang about. Stripping it excited me to see him wearing pale blue panties and stockings. I just had to do the same only my choice was pink panties and black stockings held up by a pink garter belt. I shuddered when his fingers caressed my bum hole.

“Gosh you have a great arse, hair free like a woman’s”.

I felt the coldness of a lubricant being applied then his fingers working it in. The sensation was indescribable. When I felt the head of his cock pressing against me I actually wanted it pushed up into me and when it gradually eased into to me the discomfort was only brief and I was soon wallowing in his gentle by steady thrusts back and forth inside me. My cock was like a bar of steel that his hand caressed firmly, working my foreskin like my wife does since she knew how it teased me to orgasm.

“Oh my God, you are so tight, just like a virgin. Oh shit I’m going to cum”.

His out of rhythm jerking told me he was sending his spunk into me. Finally his hand around my cock came back into play and with his cock still up inside me he gave me one hell of a wank sending my seed flying in all directions.

When he slowly pulled out of me it was the most enjoyable sensation ever. It was as though my insides were falling out of me. There was just one down side to our getting together, he wasn’t into taking a cock up his arse but he made up for it in so many other ways. Having him fuck me whilst wearing his wife’s underwear was a real turn on for me and always ended too quickly. Since I knew her well it wasn’t difficult imagining it was she fucking me with a dildo although his cock was nothing like as hard.

Going away on holidays was a bind so the nearest public loo had to do. It always amazed me how many loos contained glory holes. Suck and be sucked I say.