Written by Ron

6 Aug 2006

The TV Episode

We had been invited over to a friend's place for dinner. At the dinner there were supposed to be two other couples but for some reason or other they called and cancelled. The dinner consisted of three courses - a starter, main course and dessert. Though a single man he managed to put together quite a spread of dishes. After the dinner we retired to the living room where we sat and watched TV.

He had a very comfortable two-seat sofa and a couple of odds and ends to make up the rest of his furniture.

Since he went and sat on the sofa took a lazy chair and I sat beside him. We chatted and watched TV. We felt sorry for him as of all the people he had invited we were the ones he knew least. We had met him only a couple of times at other dinners hosted by mutual friends. So it was no wonder and really to our relief that we all decided to watch TV. He had quite a few movie channels from which we could choose and so eventually when we all agree upon a movie that was due to start in fifteen minutes, I made us cocktails and popcorn. The movie was an action thriller and it kept us at the edge of our seats. When it finished we couldn't believe that it was 23:40. None of us were tired but nevertheless we decided to go home.

"You're not leaving now are you?" He said as we got up to leave.

"Well that's what we thought." I said.

"Are you tired?"

"No but you must be after all that cooking."

"Assh, that was nothing, I'm a cook - I do this everyday."

"What about it honey?"

"It's fine with me,"

"Ok we'll stay, only if it's not a trouble for you."

"No not at all. I'm off tomorrow and would probably be awake for a few more hours anyway."

I made a couple more cocktails and took the remaining rum and coke to the living room. Incidentally rum and coke is Kristy's favorite drink.

When I got to the living room I found Kristy and Rod sitting on the sofa.

"I've jumped into your grave" she said referring to my seat.

"Would you want to sit here?" Rod asked.

"Sit, sit, this sofa's big enough for all of us. Honey, move up"

Kristy was sitting between us. We weren't squashed but we were sitting thigh to thigh.

At 0:00 hrs the movie started and five minutes into it we realized that it was a porn movie. I had nothing against it and so said nothing and I can imagine Rod had nothing against it either and did nothing about it, Kristy of course was a little tipsy and when she's that way she loves anything erotic.

Except for the light from the TV which wasn't much it was pitch black. Half an hour into the film Kristy's hand reached for my crotch. As you can imagine my cock was hard from the erotica. I reached for Kristy's crotch and began messaging it through her jeans. She was wearing a pair of sexy low-rise jeans with an elastic white vest that was very translucent. She had been wearing a V-shaped T-shirt over it, but now with us sitting so close to each other she began to feel very warm and so took it off. She got up after a while to put it with her things at the door. As she got up she tripped on Rod's feet and almost fell and so he put on the light. As she was coming back to the sofa we could not only see her nipples clearly through the vest but even the impression of her nipples were so obvious that it was almost like she was not wearing anything over her breasts. Later she told me that she knew about it and so she removed her top, she was so turned on by the alcohol and the porn.

She came back and sat down again in the middle, slightly turned towards Rod for his benefit, and he did not turn off the light for a while. I caught him glancing at her breasts ever so often. The movie moved from a man and woman fucking, to a couple of lesbians having a go at it and now to a threesome at which point Rod switched off the light. I later got to know all that happened so I can now piece it together to let you know as it happened.

When the lights were turned off and the three on TV had taken their level of friendship to another level, Kristy felt Rod gently pull at her arm towards himself to which she responded by straightening up. Kristy then resumed her wrist exercise with my cock. Rod held on to her left arm as if feeling her biceps. It took him only a minute before the back of his fingers started massaging the side of her breast. Since that too was accepted he ventured to slip his palm under her arm and grasp her breast. He rubbed the tips of his fingers over her nipple making it very firm and protrude. Kristy now herself (I usually tell her that she is herself only when she's had a few, but recently she's been more of herself even without alcohol) slid her left hand towards Ron's dick and took a hold of it. She was now squeezing and teasing both of our dicks at the same time. I reached for her crotch and massaged it as hard as I could. She began squirming and groaning slightly. She wanted so desperately for me to get my fingers into her jeans. Ron seemed to be getting more and more brazen, he then pulled the strap of the vest down off of her shoulder freeing one of her breasts. He squeezed and fondled it. He even tried to lean down and suck it but couldn't without being seeing. Kristy seemed to reach her limit of pretence and wanted to get right to it. She had had enough of this candid threesome. She got up, undid her trousers and took them off. I thought maybe she would blame it on the heat.

"Ron, can you put on the light?"

He did. It was only then that I saw her breast was exposed.

"It's really hot here," she said and walked to the hall to leave her jeans there.

She was wearing a thong. We could see her perfectly shaped firm butt on both sides of the string. I couldn't wait to see Ron's expression when he saw the front of her - they were transparent.

When she returned she had freed her other breast as well, though the straps were back in place. We could also see her clean-shaven cunt pushing its lips against the thong. Ron didn't even try to steal a glance at her cunt; he just stared at it totally mesmerized.

"Would any of you want anything to drink?" she asked standing not more than 2 feet from him.

"No honey thanks, come and sit down" I said not wanting to get distracted from the movie.

I was watching a wholesome girl with moderately large breasts being fucked in her cunt while she was giving another guy a blow job. The movie seemed pretty natural in the sense that there weren't fake moans and groans that usually seem to be added while editing. Though I thought that the acting seemed quite natural, the movie itself was far from it. She was a hot blond being pounded by a middle-aged and an old man, both fairly ugly.

"Is that a print?” asked Ron pointing at her cunt.

She moved a foot closer as if to give him a better view. I took my eyes off the TV and saw him feel and then rub her cunt.

"So what is it" I asked, "Is it a print?”

"No its not" he said still rubbing it with his right hand. With his left hand he took a hold of her leg and drew her to himself and sat her on his lap. Her breasts were in his face and his fingers up her cunt. She did not object neither did I. Instead I got up and sat in another chair trying to decide to what action to wank off.

He hadn't been with a woman since he and his girl-friend broke up two years ago. He lowered his head a bit, opened his mouth and took in her right nipple. He sucked it. He withdrew his fingers from her cunt and began massaging and squeezing her other breast, first gently and then harder and harder. He gave both of her breasts love bites before setting her on the sofa to proceed lower down her body. He gave three more on her stomach, two on her butt and three on the inner sides of her thighs before he started worshipping her cunt. It seemed like he was scared that it would be a long time before he's with a woman again and so tried to prolong and memorize the whole event. He pulled down her thong and first ran his fingers along the rim of her cunt. He leaned forward and ran his tongue along the rim of her cunt. Kristy was twisting and turning, she didn't like being teased. They were both on totally different planes Ron wanted to span out the experience for as long as possible while Kristy wanted to be fucked and fucked hard.

Ron's tongue was now in her cunt sloshing up her liquids. His tongue investigated every mm of her cunt. He remembered his ex-girl friend say that her cloritis was where she had most feeling, and so he put his fingers in and moved them around until he found an area of rounded and raised membrane. He rubbed them slowly and gently, he then increased the speed but kept the same gentleness. Kristy was all stiff, eyes closed, head thrown back, digging her fingers into the couch and on the edge of her seat - it was the response Ron was hoping for.

Having enabled Kristy to reach her peak he pulled down his jeans and briefs all at once, laid her down on the sofa, gave her a condom and he lay over her with his face at her cunt. Kristy willingly took him into her mouth, he wasn't that huge and so was able to take him all in at times.

Rob kept licking and kissing her cunt, there were times he would gently be kissing it adoring it and then when he would be invigorating her with his half grown bearded chin. It sent her into delirium.

Kristy turned his dick upwards and licked his balls. He wasn't clean shaven and so she used her nails to gently tickle his balls. She reinserted his dick into her mouth and sucked him hard. He withdrew it forcefully,

"I'm in love with your cunt and can kiss it all night long, if you want me to come now, I will, but I would love to come in you.

"Ok" she said and let go of his dick. She slid off the sofa and moved towards me and took my dick into her mouth, inviting him into her cunt.

He in his excitement forgot to put on the condom and penetrated her. He rode her as hard and as long as he could. It was obvious that Kristy thoroughly enjoyed it as most of the time she just had her mouth locked around my dick. Once he was done he leaned over her and caressed her breasts from behind and Kristy started doing me fast. She pulled back my foreskin and licked my helmet, she tasted my initial spunk, she wanted to taste more and so started sucking harder and faster. Kristy wanted me to come in her mouth and so was relentless until I came. I pumped and pumped spunk into her mouth, at first she just swirled the spunk around her mouth as if to fully taste it and then she swallowed everything. When I stopped she started sucking and moving her mouth up and down my dick as it to drain me dry. Draining me she did.

After the action was over Ron gently laid Kristy on the sofa again lowered his head to her cunt and gently started kissing it.

"I'm truly in love with your cunt, it is gorgeous. Can't you sleep over tonight?”

Kristy looked in my direction, and I nodded.

A couple of hours later I woke up in my chair to hear Kristy and Ron fucking their brains out in the bedroom. I went over to the couch where I slept the rest of the night.