Written by BigBoy62

13 Aug 2006

One night, knowing af reind was to call round, I asked my wife (who is only 28)to wear her pink bra and pink see thru lace panties and her stretchy miniskirt, with a thin gaping top so he would see plenty. She was quite resistant at first, but after playing with her pussy for a minute she relented. He cam round and instantly noticed that she was exposing quite a bit of her 36D breasts in a plunging bar. Her top was hanging open and I knew he could see plenty. I kept looking at her when he wasn't looking egging her on to show more. Each time she got out of the arm chair she opened her legs and let him see her panties. Whilst she made tea, he told me he would love to fuck her and wanted to see more. I went into the kitchen and asked her if she would let him see more, and she sort of agreed. When she came back she sat with her skirt up quite high so he was getting a good view of her blonde pussy through her pink knickers. He moved and started to massage her foot and I jumped up and got the other one and moved her legs further apart. We could almost smell her aroused state. After a while, she let him massage her inner thighs but that was as far as she would go .. until later. She had gone to bed and was laying in a sheer nightie still with the quite wet knickers on. I told her he wanted to have her, and she didn't say no. I flew downstairs and told him that we must strip to underwear, and when he goes in the bedroom, to slip his hand straight inside her panties. We went up and he did just that. she grabbed his cock and pulled it out and started to wank him. He got onto the bed and lapped at her now bare cunt. She started to writhe about and he pentrated her bareback. I watched his cock pushing in and out until he filled her with his cream. I immediately got staright up her and fucked her like a crazed man as he got his cock sucked. I pumped my load into her. Magnificent! after another fucking session she has decided not to play now. So, my male friend and I play together now and he frequently takes me in the ass in the local woods whilst I waer the pink panties and black stockings for him, so now I take his creamy cum! I have gotten so used to taking cock that I want more, so if you are in the Peterborough area and want to take me, whilst looking at pics of my wife, find my ads and mail me!