Written by Josh

27 May 2006

I've read a lot of stories here at swinging heaven

regarding older men recently,and i must say some

of them seem a little wild or far fetched even,

but nevertheless i know from experience that some

women can be very attracted to much older men especially

those older men that are fit,strong and active

inspite of their years.How do i know this?Because

my 40 year old ex wife Kate has moved in with a

retired and quite well off widower of 67 years old.

We had been divorced for two years previous to this

eventuallity.But i could not understand for the

life of me why she did it,Kate is very attractive,

with lusterous dark hair,and a very feminine

figure with frankly huge breasts and a shapely arse.

She could have had anyone really.Since we are on

good terms i recently asked her what she saw in

him as we sat in my kitchen,and she explained that

she enjoyed having a fuss made of her by a very

steady and self assured man of the world,who made

her feel like 'his little girl'.'But what about

the sex side ?'i asked expecting to be told to

mind my own buisiness.Kate blushed bright red and

looked down at her feet 'it's electric' she said.

I scoffed at this,much to Kates irritation but i

was soon to learn a very hurtful but exciting lesson.

I had agreed to keep an eye on Georges house(this

is Kates manfriends name)whilst the two of them

viited Devon for the weekend,basically Kate asked

me to feed the cats!Anyhow whilst there i had a bit

of a snoop (as you do) and i noticed a tripod with

an old fashioned video camera mounted on it standing

folded in a corner at the top of he stairs outside

the master bedroom.It was loaded,and yes curiosity

got the better of me,i wanted to see what was on


I felt guilty as i put the tape in the recorder

and a little sickly,but as i saw my darkest

imaginings being proved real i watched with arousal

mixed with indiscribable feelings of jealousy and


Kate in a pair of silky pyjamas was messing aroun

posing and pouting like a model and looking quite

lovely,they both laughed and joked as George directed

the action 'Show me those lovely big bosoms Kate'

he said,and Kate dutifully released her big milk

white udders from the silky top and began lifting

and cupping them,i'd never seen her act like this

before.Next she sat in a chair in front of the

camera as George stood behind her fondling her

big ones and tweaking her rock hard nipples.

By now i had to take out my cock and began wanking

almost on the verge of coming,but i held out.

Next George asked her to flash her pussy and bum,

she did so and George was treated to a great view

of Kates plump dark haired cunt and big bum from

behind the camera.I thought it was over when the

tape recording stopped temporarily but within seconds

it had resumed with the camera at the foot of the

bed and a pyjamad Kate and George in boxers on

the bed.George had a powerful physique for a man

of his age covered almost completely in white hair,

but i felt a real pang of inner torment when Kate

unleashed his big heavilly veined penis,is this

what caused Kates shyness in my kitchen?

Kate wanked it furiously as he unbuttoned her top

and again released her big juggs,to grope and suckle.

I watched transfixed as they bounced and wobbled

as she wanked hard on his awesome length.

I watched as he fingerd her cunt and as they

moved to a 69 position.her head was nearest the camera

as she sucked his ferocios looking tool.His fucking

of Kate was not energetic but i think the sheer

sensation of such a big one inside her so deeply

moving slowly in and out,tipped her over the edge

into a noisy orgasm,i'd certainly never achieved

this with my relatively puny cock.He also gave

it to Kate doggy style as if she hadn't had enough

of the beast already.Again the tape stopped then

started again,Kate was back in the chair in front

of the camera,this time in a cute little pink

nightie.'Hello birthday boy' said Kate.That's

right i thought,it was his birthday on tuesday

Kate had told me.

'What's my present' he replied as Kate shyly

held up a small tube of lubricant.

'I'm going to let you put your willy up my bottom'

said Kate in a very sexy little girl voice and

a pout.

'That's right' he said 'i'm going to put my cock

up your arse'

'Ooooh your rude' replied Kate in the same manner

as before.

I could not believe this,needless to say i'd barely

ever seen Kates arsehole let alone....

Again a pause,but then..my god!

Kates bum high in the air kneeling on the bed

as George sticks his big finger into her cute

little rosebud anus.Kate is groaning and still

putting on the little girl act.I don't thnk this

was a first for them,just an occaisional treat

for George,who by now had manoevered Kate onto

her back and lifted her legs and had his big penis

nestled against Kates small brown pucker.

What a commotion from Kate as he worked it in but

they changed to the spoons position and i learned

how to fuck an arse from George as he demonstrated

on my ex wife,it cut like a knife to hear Kate say

'oooooh Georgey your big willy is too big for

my bum,as George obviously relishing his dominant

role continues easing his grotesque weapon in and

out of the outraged little hole that gapes obscenly

as the wicked cock is removed revealling a spunk

filled interior.

In a way i wish i'd never seen it,but boy i've

never been so turned on.