Written by new beginings

22 Apr 2006

I've been an avid reader of these stories for a long time and have often heard about women who squirt during orgasm, although I have never experienced it for myself I have allways found it a great turn on, what happened last night, whilst sat having a drink in my local with the normal mixed group of couples and singles Y came in, now she is a bigger girl than normally floats my boat but for many years we have flirted and teased but one of us was allways in a relationship and it never went any further, well last night after several pints and a few glasses of wine the group thinned out and their was only myself and Y left, we chatted and teased each other and then a realisation, we were both actually single, me having split up with my long term girlfriend the night before, we sat and talked about how shit life is etc when last orders were called, we ordered a bottle of wine and went back to Y's for a drink, which we have often done, well what happened next totally through me, Y went upstairs to change and walked back intothe lounge in only stockings, basque and a tiny G string, which on a large women didn't really work for me, but it got my cock stirring in my pants, she just said " I've wanted to have you for ages and now i'm going to " with that she undid my zip and let my 8" of rock hard cock spring out,, she lubed all around my bell end and took all of it deep down her throat, she could suck chrome off an exhaust pipe !! probably the best BJ i had ever experienced, she sensed I was near to coming and thrust her pussy right into my face " I need to come, it's been months" I spread her lips with my fingers and slowly circled the tip of my tongue around her clit, I could taste her juices, so sweet, i gently slid one then two fingers into her tight pussy, which surprised me due to her size, as I gently worked my fingers on her g spot and flicked her clit with my tongue she tensed up and exploded, and i mean exploded, my face was absolutely drenched in juices, their was no way i could swallow all of it and it just ran down my face and even soaked my shirt, wow, she slid off my face and grabbed my rock hard cock, straddled over me on the sofa, she took my cock and I thought she was going to slide her soaking pussy over my length, but no, she wanked my cock from side to side against her clit, between her lips, just inside, but with a fast andfurious pace, my cock wanted to explode but she had her thumb on the base of my cock stopping me from exploding, the feeling was amazing wanting to shoot my come but not being allowed, then, she just moaned " i'm really going to come" and did she, her hot sweet juices just poured out of her with every stroke of my cock against her clit she squirted more and more, i couldn't take any more and she just lowered her mouth onto my cock and released the pressure from the base, I just shot wads and wads of hot cum down her throat and she eagerly lapped it up, me, the sofa, the carpet absolutely drenched in pussy juices, my first initiation into female ejaculation and wow, give me more, that was not the end of the night by far, and now I understand what mattress protectors are for, looking forward to seeing her again tonight !!