Written by Colin

25 Sep 2005

Many years ago when i first joined the RAF .I was stationed in Shropshire 'Like most at the time i was always skint So i got a part time job helping the WVS who ran a canteen in the town .this was handy because i got paid and fed .the women who helped in the canteen were all volenteers who did it for free . the woman who was the leader of this group was the local doctors wife . She was a bit stuck up and thought herself a cut above the others Her name was Silvia and she was about 50 medium build but magnificent tits .As the leader of the WVS she wore a Green uniform flat shoes seamed stockings etc in fact a typical country doctors wife .None of the women turned me on and they treated me as if i was their son .After a while i started to fancy Sivia and had the odd wank imagineing what it would be like giving her one .One Saturday evening all the women were going out to some party so i volenteered to stay on and clear up .Silvia and i cleared away and as we were leaving she asked me how i got back to camp i told her the bus or i walk .Iwill drop you of she said as i pass that way on the way home On the way i started to get a hard on as her skirt had ridden op showing a nice bit of thigh I thought fuck it and gently let my hand brush against the stocking She looked at me and i expected a bollocking but she just moved my hand so i tried it again and asked her if she fancied stoping at the pub for a drink She agreed and we went in to the lounge we found a seet and she sliped me £2 to get the drinks .Aswe were enjoying our drink i said i hope you werent offended when i touched your leg but you have got great legs She said no im not offended but im suprised that a young man like you would try it on with a middle aged woman old enough to be your mother in fact im very flatered and a bit exited do you realy think ive got good legs ? Isaid ive fancied you ever since you gave me the job and i want to make love to you.We finished our drinks and she drove on as we did i put my hand on her leg and this time there was no resistance ,she drove past the camp and stoped in a lay by i kissed her and started feeling her tits they were lovely ,round ,firm and warm I soon had her tunic top of then her blouse .she took her skirt of and she was wearing silk nickers and a suspender belt holding up her nylons .The front seat was the old fassioned bengh typy so i helped her out of her nickers and with some started to stroke her fanny she had a lovely mons and neat cunt lips .I was as hard as a rock and by making use of the ample room in the front of the car i mounted her and rubbong my prick on her fanny walls i slid up her it was like heaven i shot my first load almost at once but i left it in and was soon shagging her to a noisy climax .We agreed that i would not tell any one which until today i have not .I carried on working at the canteen and i fucked the arse off her regularly in the store room . When i was posted to anothe camp i took a pair of silk nickers and stockings to wank into I also kept visiting her and her husband when i got leave and i dont think he ever suspected