Written by Roger _Euwell

4 Aug 2006

My wife asked me to take something round to her younger sister’s. Jenny is divorced and lives alone. Although in her mid forties she has the body of a fit young woman. She had obviously just got out of the shower and I could not help but imagine her freshly scrubbed body under her fluffy dressing gown. She made me a cup of tea and sat next to me on the settee and chatted. Eventually I left but when I got to my car, I couldn’t help thinking about her. She had known I was coming and yet she was wearing a short dressing gown with clearly nothing on underneath – and she had sat close enough to me to make that obvious. She had made me feel horny and so I plucked up courage and rang her on my mobile. I told her exactly how I felt and asked her if she wanted me to come back. I was disappointed and embarrassed when she told me to go home.

I didn’t see her for a while after that. Truth is - I avoided her. Eventually, however, I had to call round again to get something for my wife. Unsurprisingly, the brief time I was there seemed strained and awkward. After that, I put the embarrassing affair behind me. Some time later, I went to a family wedding reception. My wife couldn’t make it because she was visiting our daughter in Spain and I intended to stay only as long as was necessary for the sake of politeness. I was leaving early when Jenny caught up with me in the foyer of the hotel and asked me if I could give her a lift home. I obliged. Normal friendly relations seemed to have been resumed between us as she chatted in the car and I thought nothing of it when she invited me in for a coffee. She fired up the coffee-maker and then excused herself saying that she had to get out of the formal clothes she was wearing because she hated them. She returned in her short, white, fluffy dressing gown and for the first time memories of that fateful, embarrassing night returned to me. My discomfort must have shown on my face because she said in a seductive way, “I thought you liked me in this.”

I didn’t know what to say and just shrugged my shoulders. “Oh,” she said disappointedly. “In that case, I’d better take it off.” And she did – right there in front of me, letting it fall to the floor around her feet. Her figure was stunning and despite my surprise my hands, which had never done much thinking, reached out to cup and caress her lovely tits. That first contact started a wildfire. We started a face-eating contest while she virtually clawed the shirt from my back and then ripped open my belt. My cock sprang out like a cuckoo in an overwound clock and with my hands running all over her body I was all for fucking her straight away, but she dropped quickly to her knees. I was left stroking air as she hooked the tip of her tongue behind the bulbous end of my straining cock and drew it into her moist mouth. My wife has always been a reluctant cocksucker and I have never pressed her because she was never very good at it. Clearly it was not a genetic problem, because her sister Jenny was sensational. It would take a poet to describe the sensations that she treated me to with her mouth and tongue. She knew instinctively when I was about to ejaculate and drew back her head while pushing back the taut skin of my cock in her cool fist so that my spunk shot out into her open mouth like it was some kind of fantastic circus trick. She seemed to follow the arc perfectly as she than plunged her mouth back over my jerking prick until her soft lower lip was nuzzling my balls.

I owed Jenny big time for the best blowjob of my life and I set out to repay her. I fucked her on the rug with her legs over my shoulders. Age might have its disadvantages but I would never have been able to fuck for so long without coming when I was a young man. By the time I erupted inside her juicy, grasping fanny I was sure that she was speaking in tongues. I fucked her from behind over the arm of the leather couch and at her request spanked her lightly at first, but then with increasing urgency, towards a shuddering climax. I thought we were done and in fact I was dressed and in the act of bidding a fond farewell in the front porch when desire overcame us again and we ended up fucking on the cold tiles. I know those tiles were cold because she was on top of me with her legs pressed together and the cheeks of her bum, which were in my steely fingers, as taut and hard as if they were made of marble, so that her pussy felt as tight as if it had been designed by a tight-lace leather freak. We fucked for ages like this in a controlled frenzy of small movements for what seemed like an eternity of flat-line ecstasy. Then it seemed as though my cum was starting somewhere deep below that cold floor, possibly in Australia, so that I had to pull apart the cheeks of her bum and bury my fingers into the moist crack in between just to hold on. Eventually, the geyser exploded through the floor with a roar and we were both lifted high into the air on top of it, before slowly and dreamily, with fingers probing deeply into each other’s dark and secret places, we were lowered back to earth.

When I had asked Jenny earlier why she had refused me in the first place, she had said that she had been trying to do the right thing, which was easier because I was on the phone. After I had avoided her for so long, she had said she had blanked me for not even trying. In fact, she had said, “Don’t you realize that a woman has to say no at first in those circumstances? That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want you to try harder.” Finally, third time around, she had said that she realized that we were going to make love eventually, so she had decided to go for it. She was the one who had said, “Third time fuckie.”

We were both shocked by the intensity of the outcome, so we agreed not to see each other alone again. Incredibly, we have stuck to our pact for some time now, but who knows what the future holds?