Written by P

11 Nov 2005

Thanks for the nice comments about my first part. I won't call it a story because this DID happen!

Paul had me face down over the arm chair, hands trussed behind my back, arse and cock exposed by a bright lamp he had pulled over the 'action'. I was in ectasy, as he had spent the last 40mins or more sucking, teasing, fingering me, occasionally spitting on my arse and pushing it into me. Things were about to get more serious.

Paul had been shuffling around and getting in position to mount me. As I was blindfolded with tights over my head, I could not see his cock, but emails he had sent to me before the meet had shown a hard, fat member, somewhere between 7.5 and 9".

My heart was beating fast - i could hear it myself, and i was almost shaking. I wondered whether he had wrapped his cock, 30% of me wanted him to have, 70% wanted to feel him bare. I could feel his tip at the entrance to my hole and I pushed back onto it.

"Right slut boy - a hot poker for you". At this he thrust forward, his hairy mature chest now touching my back. I gasped through my gag. It hurt. I could not protest though, I was gagged and tied. He began to pump, slowly for the first minute or so, then faster, and deeper. I could actually feel my pert bum relaxing, accepting my fate. This was what I had said I wanted done to me, afterall.

I was fucked for what seemed like an age. My neck was supported my a big padded soft chair arm, my legs akimbo over the other arm, with Paul's hand stretched under me, wanking me as he fucked. I was 'comfortably' uncomfortable, any discomfort with my position was outweighed by the feelings from my arse and groin.

Part 3 will reveal if Paul was wearing a rubber - or not!