Written by cum lover

25 Aug 2006

The other day I was in a public toilet in town when i noticed the gu next to me looking over and gesturing at me. He was rubbing his cock which was very hard and pointed to the end cubicle.

I went over and waited and he followed about half a minute later. I was sat on the seat and went to unzip him but instead he pushed my hands away and slapped me around the face. He grabbed my throat and came close to my ear and whispered "no chance, im gonna treat you like a real slut. Keep your fucking hands to yourself"

He then unzipped and got his cock out and demanded I open my mouth. I did and what happened next took me by surprise. Instead of placing his cock in my mouth for me to suck he rammed it in as far as it would go and began to violently fuck my face.

As i looked up at him my eyes began to tear up and he was chuckling to himself as he was roughly ramming my face. Every so often he would slap me really hard in the face or spit on me and throughout he kept telling me what a cockslut i was.

After about 10 mins of this I was covered in his spit, my face was red and my gag juices were all over his cock and my lap. His pace quickened and his cock stiffened. He pushed it right to the back of my throat and held it there as he fired his man gunk into my throat. I gagged on it straight away but he made me swallow and lick his cock clean.

After he had zipped up he asked me to close my eyes so he could thank me. I did and he slapped me around the face and spat on me one last time.

As he opened the door one of his mates was outside and I heard them talking. Then his mate came in and did exactly the same to me.

Im so proud of myself that i was suck a cum slut as to make to complete strangers happy. I was a right mes at the end.