Written by Paul

30 Mar 2006

Tom & Jaci 05 – home visit

This is the continuing story of Tom and Jaci. They have been gradually drawn into a situation where Jaci is being used as a slut by her husband’s boss Chris and a man called Carl. Jaci’s husband Tom is becoming a cuckold and Jaci is growing to like the situation more than she ought.

On Sunday afternoon Chris arrived uninvited at their home.

‘I came over here to fuck your wife again. Is there anything you want to do about it?’ Chris said.

Tom asked meekly, ‘I want you to leave. I want...’

‘But I like your wife's soft and warm pussy. Do you know that she begged me to fuck her last Thursday, begged me to do what her husband is not man enough to do, not man enough to satisfy his little tramp of a wife,’ Chris continued, sneering at the humbled husband.

‘Come here’

Jaci hesitantly walked the few steps to Chris’s side. She was trembling and her eyes were full of uncertainty. She was wearing one of Tom's shirts and the top three buttons were undone. She wore no bra as her hard nipples poked against the scratchy cloth. Chris could see that she was wearing red satin panties. The panties were tightly pulled against her sex and her trembling increased with each second.

‘Did you enjoy last Thursday when I fucked you in my office?’ he asked.

The question bore into her and she meekly looked at her slouching husband. Looking into his bloodshot eyes she then returned to Chris’ dark and forbidding eyes.

‘Yes,’ she meekly answered.

Turning to her beaten husband, he again mocked his manhood. ‘Do you let your wife fuck anybody, or just your boss?’

Trying to come up with an answer Tom merely stuttered, ‘I, uh......’

Looking into his defeated eyes Chris gave his next order, ‘Drop your pants. I want to see what your wife is giving up now I’ve decided to fuck her.’

I could see the battered husband start to resist......... Chris slapped him.

‘Drop your pants you cuckold. Do it NOW!’

The slap drained Tom’s will to resist. He meekly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and slid them part down. Meekly, he looked into Chris’s eyes and sensing that he was not going to show him mercy he pulled the jeans and pants over his hips letting them fall to his ankles. He dropped his head and stared at the floor.

Turning towards Jaci Chris mocked her cowering husband. ‘No wonder you were ready for a real man.’ Chris then unbuttoned each of the remaining buttons on Jaci’s shirt while Jaci absently stared at her husband's shrivelled manhood. Once the buttons were free Chris slid his hands between the open shirt and roughly caressed the hard nipples of his new fuck mate. He squeezed the nipples between his finger and thumb and smiled as Jaci winced at the pleasure/pain. He let his fingers drop to the waistband of her bright red panties and inserted his searching finger. She gasped as his finger made small circular motions under the waistband.

He could see that Tom was intently looking at the scene, his manhood trying to assert itself.......

After several moments Jaci’s eyes closed, her tongue probed her lips and she gently rubbed herself against Chris’s hand.

Softly, he asked, ‘Can your husband satisfy your needs?’

Her eyes remaining closed she quietly answered, ‘No.... He can't even remain hard anymore.’

‘How large is he?’ Chris asked.

Her tongue duelled with her lips and she softly moaned,

‘He is not as large as you. He cannot fill me as you have........ He cannot bring me to orgasm...... Oh God, it's time. Don't tease me anymore. I need you!!’

As his wife moaned, Tom's insignificant boy cock strained to

reach it's full stature.

Turning to Tom Chris ridiculed him even more.

‘Take my pants down Tom. It's time for your wife to see a real cock’

The blood had dried on his lips as he sank to his knees in front of his boss who was seducing his wife in their home. Carefully he unbuckled the belt and gently lowered Chris’ trousers, pulling them off his feet. Jaci could see Tom’s bloodshot eyes open wide when Chris’s huge cock sprang free.

From his subservient position on his knees he looked up as Chris continued to stroke his pretty wife's now sopping pussy hole under her red panties.

‘Take your wife's panties off. I think she is about ready to pull my cock deep into her pussy. Does she look ready to you wimp?’ Chris questioned.

Tom, kneeling, was speechless as he watched his wife undulate against Chris’s fingers, trying to embed them deeper into her deep wet passage.

When Tom hesitated Jaci urgently pleaded with her husband to remove her panties.

‘Tom, please take my panties down. I need Chris's cock in me,’ she begged. When he again hesitated she grabbed his ears and pulled him forward. Desperately she begged her husband. ‘Please........... Please take my panties down. I need fucking.’

Jaci's painful grip on Tom's ears forced him to awkwardly scoot forward so that he could grasp the soaking panties and slide them down his wife's long beautiful legs. Chris pulled his fingers out as Tom peeled her panties off, inhaling the sexually charged fragrance as he did. Hris pushed his fingers back in Jaci’s open wet blood engorged and throbbing pussy lips. She was now thrusting against his pleasure producing fingers and moaned deeply, ‘Oh my God, Please Fuck me!!’

‘Massage my balls,’ Chris told Tom. As he grasped Chris’s large egg sized testicles Chris mocked Tom further,

‘I think I am going to unload my spunk into your tramp wife.

Chris continued to stroke the beautiful wife to within a single thrust of her release before withdrawing his fingers making her writhe even more. Jaci's tormented mind was near disintegration as she craved her release, her release that never came. As her tormented body relaxed Chris reinserted his fingers and commenced the gentle stroking hoping to keep her at a fever pitch. The strategy worked to perfection as the tight perfect body thrust against my hand.

‘Go wait for me on your martial bed. I haven't fucked you in your husband's bed yet. Get your pussy up there and I may just bury my hard cock deep in your belly.’

Jaci scurried upstairs, looking over her shoulder and begging with her eyes for Chris to follow. Tom was squatted on the floor in stunned silence.

Slowly, Chris walked upstairs and into the bedroom where Jaci was laid on her back, her long legs widely spread. Looking over the erect nipples on her ample breasts she held her pussy chamber apart, begging Chris with her eyes to bury his cock deep into her belly.

Chris let the head of his hard wet cock gently insert itself between the petals of Jaci’s pleasure. The desperate woman pushed her arse upward and inserted another inch of Chris’s manhood into her hole. As her pussy stretched to accommodate his hard cock she moaned and reached for his shoulders hoping to pull him deeper into her thrusting hole. Her liquid was coating his cock and he allowed another inch into her cunt, allowing the pretty wife a mercy fucking.

As Chris allowed another inch to wedge itself into the tight canal Tom shuffled into the room and slid down the wall wedging himself between the bed and the wall. He had a tight grip on his manhood and was stroking himself in the same rhythm as Chris was plunging into his wife.

‘Do you want my seed? Do you want my bastard in your belly?’ Chris asked.....

‘Oh god yes...... Fuck me you bastard....... Fill me with your fucking seed.... breed me.’ she screamed.

Chris flooded Jaci's womb with potent seed. The spunk was buried deep in her belly as explosion after explosion of seed filled her inner chamber. Chris left his cock lodged into her tight hole for nearly ten minutes and only after it started softening did he raise up and allow it to slide out. Looking down at the contorted face of his conquest he stroked his cock, emptying the last of the spunk on her belly. He then leaned forward and rubbed the sticky discharge over her face. Her tongue darted out and attempted to clean his fingers.

‘Order Tom to clean me,’ Chris told Jaci.

Sensing her dominance over her mentally broken husband she pulled herself on her elbows and looking down at him, gave him the command,

‘Clean my lover with your tongue. Do it well and you can lick his seed out of my pussy.........’

The order was simple. Tom pulled himself to the edge of the bed and sticking his tongue out he began to clean Chris’s semi rigid penis. When he finished he again fell against the wall.

‘Leave my seed in your wife,’ Chris mocked.

Jaci was gently massaging her nipples as Chris spoke. She was calm and serene after her intense orgasm.

As Chris left he saw Tom bury his head between Jaci’s thighs.

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