Written by Jodie

18 Jul 2004

Last year I was enthralled in an affair with a younger guy who lets say brought out the worst in me. He was young lean and and hungry and I took full advantage of his cock his wallet and his stamina.

Our relationship was based on lust pure lust and he and I would meet whenever we could for moments of hard long fucking and finger fucks in lay bys.

My husband was away on a course one day and my toy boy sent me a text and suggested I meet him half way for a fuck. We lived an hour an a half apart and he thought a quickie at mid way point would enable us to take advantage of my husband's absence. The thought of a quick fuck was too overwhelming and before long I was dressed to kill. Stockings thong bra and high heels.

We arranged to meet in a car park near a pub by a canal. It was a warm evening with a full moon and as I jumped into his car we began kisssing madly. His eager hands reached for my tits and he undid my buttons on my blouse to suck my nipples. We had no time to lose. His hands then slid their way down to my warm crotch where I was already moist with anticipation. Moaning with desire and eager to grab his cock he then opened the car door - lets go outside he said. He took off my blouse and undid my bra and I felt the cool night air on my tits. He leant me over the bonnet of his car and pulled my thong to one side and before I knew it he was inside me. Wow no foreplay just straight in. I gasped with pleasure as he took charge. Boy did I get fucked that night. The thrill of being fucked in the open air in the dark and just a few feet away from a main road made me edgy but it was somewhat exciting. As I moaned louder with each thrust he held me down on the bonnet and told me to shut up. That turned me on too ... he was in charge and I was under his control. The coldness of the bonnet under my tits was uncomfortable but the feel of his cock in my wet pussy was amazing. The night was so quiet and bright I was sure we were being watched. I didnt care though I was too far gone. Part of me thought to myself if I am being watched I'll give them a show. BUt surely this was my imagination. My toy boy then suggested I lay down on

the ground beside the car. That gave a me a false sense of security. Away from view with the car between us and the road. There was no way anyone would see us. So I didnt hesitate as my skirt came off and he hoisted my legs over his shoulders. He then fucked me even harder whilst rubbing my clit with his fingers. That cool air under my ass and the position of him fucking me turned me on so much I was oblivious to everything else. Getting fucked outside in the dark was one hell of a turn on and I loved it and felt so free. It was so bad yet so erotic. I could moan as loud as i wanted to and no one would hear me as i knew we were in the middle of nowhere.

My orgasm was amazing and I moaned for England as I shuddered to climax. Toy Boy had a thing about coming over my tits he thought it was the horniest thing ever so I let him he missed though and I got in the face. I am sure he planned it that way somehow but I didnt care my pussy was wet and satisfied and I felt great. My toy boy suggested I look at this site.........couldnt think why until I checked out local dogging spots in my area.

Turns out that the car park near the pub near the canal is a favourite spot for dogging I had no idea but wonder if my toy boy knew................... was I an unsuspecting exhibitionist that night ? Did anyone see me ? Was I any good ? I had no idea at the time but now that I know what the area is famous for I have this urge to go there again...is this how dogging begins ?????