Written by Petite Sausage

15 Jan 2007

I've always loved to show my penis (legally) to like-minded adults and being in a nudist environment suited me down to the ground. Being pierced and hung(according to the ladies who have seen it) I've felt a wonderful liberation when being watched by women as opposed to the usual, men looking at women.

Most summers, I try and visit Morfa Dyffryn beach here in North Wales. Anyway, to cut out a lot of the build up and twenty minute walk from the car park, I reached the naturist section. I always respect the beach and those individuals who frquent with their families or friends.

I try and avoid the scattering of single guys as they are mostly cruising for gay sex or male encounters. As I am not gay, I try and pitch down away from anyone else and respect their sense of space and privacy.

I like to walk along the beach in my tight trunks(which shows off my bulge)looking for suitable 'landing sites'.

The beach was fairly crowded and so I took up behind this wind break where two ladies were sunbathing the other side.

No one was on my side, so I lay down my towel and sat down.

I usually take my t-shirt off first and proceed to slather on the suntan lotion(I don't need a great deal as I go dark very quickly). After doing my upper body and my legs, I usually have a look around before removing my trunks(this is due in part to what I refer to as 'lurkers' in the dunes who pretend to sit and soak in the view out to sea, only to be taking sneeky glances down at the sunbathers below. I would not like to sumize that they were watching me, but it was coincidence that every time I looked up, some guys face would retreat behind the marram grass. A few would be blatantly masturbating as they sat(which is not a good idea from their elevated position as there are a number of families on the beach). I hate this sort of thing, so I returned their 'affections' with a growling scowl. Peace for all, but bugger off into the dunes if you want to do that sort of thing. Anyway, my reaction had the desired effect and the guy left (or hid)!

I sat up and looking around, I could see that I was not in prime view of everybody and the families were on or near the shore.

I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my trunks and pulled them knee-wards. This always has the same effect, when my willy is free of his constraints, he flops out and fattens up. I stayed sitting and put lotion on my willy. A passing wasp caused me to kick with my legs which in turn whipped up a cloud of sand that clung to every lotioned part of my lower body. I looked around(not being nervous of being naked on a nudist beach, it was to see if anyone was looking in my direction) and sat up on my knees. Facing away from the shore, I brushed away the sand off my legs and gently removed the sand from my cock and balls with my towel. I grabbed the lotion again and applied some more to my cock ensuring that enough was on to protect the head and the shaft, remembering to lotion under the foreskin as this skin is very thin. I had got a bit carried away and the little sausage started to stretch and yawn. I quickly stopped, but I noticed one of these ladies peeking through the gap in her wind break. I caught my breath, my heart beated faster. Women watching men I love. The woman motioned to her friend, she to had a peek. They giggled and whispered as I stayed there on my knees, my hips forward and my penis semi-erect. I layed down on my front and watched for any more activity from these two ladies. One of them took another peek and saw that I was lying down. She thought that the fun was over and so she also laid down on her front with her friend. I stayed on my front for a few minutes, before I decided to take a stroll down to the shore (with penis subsided into an acceptable state).

After strolling through the water for ten minutes, I decided to head back. As I neared my towel, I noticed a guy had pitched 'his' towel only two feet away from mine!! Ok, the beach was slightly crowded, but still, most people were ten or even twenty feet apart and this guy was playing with himself as I approached. As I said, each to their own and he was not in view of anyone else except me. However, I soon realised that I gained other attention during my lotion'ing and this was the same guy from the dunes!! I looked, smiled fairly poilitely (so as not to make a scene), picked up my towel and bag and walked to the other side of the windbreak where the two ladies were sunbathing face down. I held my towel and bag in front of my as I walked past them. One of the ladies turned on to her front and watched me walking past."Do you mind if I pitch down here?" I said pointing to an area about ten feet away from them. "No problem" said the woman and I plotted out my towel and bags. The woman nudged her friend who also sat up. I sat down and 'turned' in their direction to lie on my stomach. My cock swung to the right and on to my hip as I turned over. The woman nudged her friend and she shaded her eyes to peek. I lay on my front for a few minutes, my cock was popping out from below my hip towards the two ladies.

I noticed the eldest of the two watching me(the eldest was totally nude and in her fiftees and the 'youngest' was only topless and in her late fortees),with this I felt my heart beating faster again and I stood up to get something out of my bag. My cock was semi-erect again and was doing that heavy hanging curl look, where the bellend is dangling far below the balls in a lazy arc. She made no bones about uttering something to her friend about 'it would tear us in two even semi-erect!' which got my cock started and he proceed to start to throb and lift. 'Shit', I though and I went to lie on my stomach, cock and balls falling forward like some erotic field plough. As I lay there, the eldest lady motioned me over. I picked up my head. "Come and sit here", she said. Never turning down and invite to sit with two women whilst I am naked, I carefully picked up my towel and bag and placed them in front of my hard-on and walked over. My heart was in my mouth!!

I lay my towel down and deftly held my bag over my stiff cock as I sat down. 'Ruth' introduced me to her friend and told me how she was trying to convert her to 'pure' nudism as opposed to 'topless'. I shook hands with them both and drew my knees up in case my erection offended them. Unfortunately, conceeling my erection is not easy and he popped between my legs and slapped on to the sand. 'Ruth's' friend noticed and smiled.I sat there for a few minutes and pulling up my cock I held it between my thighs and put my legs down(like the old joke where guys hide their cock and balls and pretend to be 'ladies'). This hurt like hell but it had the desired desired effect of stopping the erection. By now, 'Ruth' was getting bolder and asked if I wanted some lotion put on my back. "Sure" I said and shuffled closer to her. She applied the lotion and then asked if I wanted my bum doing as well. "Yea, go ahead" I said feeling confident that my cock was in a manageable state. I had to shuffle in between Ruth and her friend to do this and I had to stand on my knees. Ruth proceeded to apply the lotion and rubbed her hands gently over my buttocks and then she slowly rubbed her hand between my legs and brushed against my balls and cock. I think this may have had 'her' desired effect as my cock started to twitch about a foot away from her friends face. My semi-erect cock started to hang heavy. Ruth placed her hands on my hips and looked around my hips. "Mmmm, perfect!" she purred. Her friend was looking down smiling and wide-eyed. My cock stood to attention and brushed her friends nipple. She giggled and I turned to sit down. This time, realising that these two were up for some fun, I didn't hide me erection but instead, I lay on my side with my cock hanging over my hip only inches from the topless friends' thigh. I was in heaven!

I asked Ruth to take a photo of me and her friend (I love CFNM or even semi-CFNM). Ruth asked me to move in closer to her friend. I decided to bite the bullet and I stood on my knees, with her friend sitting down, I placed my hip next to her shoulder. This was great. My cock thought so and started to throb again. This time he was at full mast and the head would have touched her lips if I turned more towards her. Ruth motioned to her friend to turn toward me which she did! My cock rubbed her cheek."Smile" said Ruth and took the photo. "Let's have another" Ruth said and this time she instructed her friend to 'get closer' and 'hold his cock for this one'. Her friend reached up and placed her hand around the shaft of my cock. "I can't get my hand around it!" she said. "Hold it with your mouth then" Ruth giggled and her friend touched my bell end against her lips and slowly opened her mouth and slipped my penis between her lips. It was fantastic. She had the head and an inch of the shaft in her mouth. Ruth took her time to take the photo.....I will finish this story next time!!