Written by ballsey

27 Jun 2006

this really happened to me last w/end,as my wife was working on th sat,i decided to take a drive up to the north norfolk coast,wells to be precise,ive been there many times as a kid,but not since i left home,anyway not much has changed since then,i decided to walk through the woods where eventually it takes you to the beach,the tide was out so took a stroll towards the dunes where the sea is another short walk away.as i was climbing the dunes i unexpectedatly came across a middle age couple totally naked just sunbathing,feeling a bit embarrassed i quickly apologised and started to walk the other way,as i was leaving the guy started to follow me,feeling a bit scared that i had seen them and disturbed them,he said excuse me are you on your own,i said yes,then he said would you like to come back with me and fuck my wife,well of course i could nt refuse his offer,then the most srange thing happened as we were walking back he just turned to me got hold oe my now very hard cock ,pulled my shorts down and started to suck me off,although a bit shocked he was deep throating me big time,as this was going on his wife had rolled over on her back,not being many feet away was fingering her very hairy pussy,this got my cock even harder,then the guy said ready to fuck my wife now with that i went straight over to his wife,buried my face in her pussy and licked her like crazy,she was moaning like mad,then she said fuck me both of you,as i pushed my cock into her soaking pussy,her husband got on top of me and started to fuck her arse at the same time as me fucking her pussy,this went on for a good hour both of us swapping positions many times untill i pulled out and shot all of my spunk into her mouth which she greedily swallowed,soon after her husband done the same thing,as we all layed there totally knackered i spent he rest of the day with vicki& roger ,there was no more sex but she did suck both of us off again a couple of times,if they read this i would like to thank them for a most fantastic day.